Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slow Down Sunday

Sleeping in.  New sheets.  Sorting laundry.  Sipping ice water. Marinating supper. Sssweet, sweet Sunday.

It was high time we reexamined our bedding.  Time flies when you're having fun and come to think of it, we've had the same bedding for 2 years.  I've purchased a black and bisque (my favorite) paisley duvet cover and with the help of a friend, decided on burgundy Beech sateen sheets.  I even found a sassy burgundy bedskirt to peek out from under the new duvet.  Thanks to BBB and their awesome 20% off coupons, which they allow you to use one per item!  

Next on the agenda, folding the remaining laundry, creating tie-backs for our dining room drapes.  I once heard you should have red in every room in your house. I have some lovely red sheen ribbon I shall try. Then dusting and 'swiffering' our bedroom, tidying the bathroom, and finally dinner prep.  

Four and a half working days until vacation.  I can hardly wait.

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