Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is new...we'll try it out together.

Last night, I most certainly did not consider putting a sliced potato back into the water after it flung itself off the counter and went sliding across the floor. That's disgusting (or well, the saving grace was not that Codie came along and licked it up...).

And who would ever accidentally wash two loads of clothes with FABRIC SOFTENER, not realize it for days, shrug and figure oh well? Not me!

What kind of woman would ever get upset with her girlfriend for talking so 'certainly' about her upcoming pregnancy? It positively wouldn't be the still childless me.

Who would ever hope for a little bit of failure on the part of our town's "market president" because he has been so mean and rude to so many people? Not me...

What kind of elementary teacher would shudder at seeing Back-to-School ads in yesterday's paper? Not me. I certainly didn't run over to the calendar just to make sure there was still at least a month of nothingness. Yeesh, what kind of person does these things?

Not me...
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  2. I shuddered at the ads, too. School just ended, and the back to school ads are already out? Crazy! Enjoy the rest of your break!

  3. I hear you on the Back to school ads! I too have NOT thought about doing the same with a potato. I definitely would NOT do the same with fabric softner.

  4. One of my fellow teaching buddies had a message on facebook about there being 1 month until we have to go back to school. Hard to believe.

  5. Oh, I have washed clothes with fabric softner before, but on purpose! I actually thought it was soap, sigh! Live and learn LOL! my clothes smelled AWESOME, but when they weren't coming out clean, I then read the bottle! SHhh,, don't tell ;) Happy Monday!