Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

I totally wasn't in the right frame of mind to begin another 30 Day Shred. But now I am. And it's even Sunday today! I may switch things up a bit to not get too bored. I have the P90X Cardio disc and the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. I like having options.

Today was officially day one for me. Which means, the day before the first day of school, I will have completed 30 days. Sounds good to me, except the going back to work part. Where's my vacation gone?

This is week two of the grocery budget and planning. We're on a $60.00 a week budget and I am making myself make a weekly menu so that when I go grocery shopping I'm not aimlessly throwing things in the cart.

This week's menu: Chicken nachos, buffalo chicken salad, turkey burgers, ribs, homemade pizza.

Tomorrow I begin my slow return to work also. I'll only be putting my room in order and getting in cleaned up. And then I'll start thinking about what I'm teaching this year.

Happy second week of August!

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  1. Can you post a good recipe for ribs? I want to cook some for T but I have no idea where to even begin. Good luck with the $60 budget!