Monday, April 27, 2009


Asparagus is something I grew up despising.  Strangely, yes strangely, it was one of the few vegetables I could not stomach.  If you were to cook asparagus and canned peas at the same time, I was sure to flee the house for fear I would catch wind of either of those two STINK-opated "vegetables" wrapped in cute clothing.  
Unlike most children, my favorite vegetables growing up were broccoli and brussel sprouts.  Yes, brussel sprouts.  I still adore them to this day.  
Now, however, asparagus has become a vegetable I'm very fond of.  We planted some in our garden last year knowing we would not be able to reap the benefits for at least another year.  You can imagine my surprise when this past weekend I strolled past our untouched garden to find  a few tall stalks of green protruding from the cracked soil.  At first count there were 12 potential spears but since that first count, which was only 4 days ago, we have cut and eaten 8 stalks with many more on the way.
I didn't realize how viable this plant was.  I was told, if you cut it down, more will grow.  I'm banking on it.  The best part?  How wonderful it tastes...minus the chemicals of pesticides, minus the many miles of squashed travel, minus anyone else's hands grasping those stalks.  It's perfect.

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