Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Customer Service

"It's not personal, it's business," all too often transfers over into public relations in the context of customer service.  We most times remember to use our manners and to say, "Please," and "Thank you," in a kind and sincere way.  But when does your treatment in customer service warrant you to break outside the box of pleasantries and tell a retailer how it really is?

"How are you today," the woman queries?  Well, if you had asked me AFTER you served me, you would have gotten a different story.

I try to be diplomatic and kind even when sharing a complaint.  Not to place blame on a person, but a situation rather--must be the teacher in me.  But time and time again it gets me nowhere.

What made my blood boil this morning now, in retrospect, really isn't that big of a deal. But wait, yes it is.  When I kindly (in my words and in my tone) offered up constructive criticism to a situation that left me with a scalded hand, I would expect at the very least an, "I'm so sorry that happened to you".  But no, instead I got, "Well, I asked around and I haven't had any other reports of this happening.  It must be an isolated incident," is not good enough for me.  Nor should it be for any other person this may have happened to.

I have shown loyalty to this Michigan business, have promoted them to friends and family, frequented them despite working at a rival store (since 2002), and have even gone back after another unpleasant incident.  I deserve an "I'm sorry".  Wait, I deserve a sincere, "I'm sorry".  

But that is not to be. And that's fine.  Well, it's not fine, but it's life.  But in my small quest to make my life as pleasant as possible--surrounding myself with great friends and family, loving my job and coworkers, trekking across our amazing world, enjoying well-prepared exquisite cuisine, searching for the perfect cuppa--I will now take a stand.  I will make it a point to visit the two other Biggby Coffees I pass on my morning commute.  I will stay one lane over when in Mason and not set myself up for further disappointment.  Even if it only affects me.  I will be happier for it.  I refuse to spend another day, with knots in my stomach, agonizing over a situation I feel could have been all together completely avoided and was not my fault, if it were just for two personal words in business, "I'm sorry". 

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