Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who's the babe in the picture?

That's our first.  It's a girl.  Codie is the first living thing owned between my husband and me.  Well, other than plants.  She's definitely daddy's little girl--although she seems to appreciate me, too.  Sitting next to Codie is one of her first toys, Lion.  As with most of her toys they have incredibly obvious names, mainly for consistency.  For instance, there has been Bluey, Pinky, Gorilla, Beaver, Turkey, Sock, Goosey, Pheasant, Kong, and even Care Bear.  The only one who was given a special name ended up with a dual identity.  I call it Mr. Man.  My husband calls it Blue Man.  Can you see why I wanted obvious names?  And since my husband gets to spend a bit more time with Codie than I do, he ingrained into her, Blue Man.  

I believe lion probably lasted 3 weeks.  Which is a lot in dog toy land. Or should I say teething puppy land?  Beaver, Turkey, Kong 2, and Sock still exist. Turkey's legs have been amputated, Beaver is missing two eyes and has a gash where his tail meets his body, and Sock unravels more each day.  

I'm just glad it's them and not my furniture.

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