Thursday, July 29, 2010

Squidgy, Again

I'm not full on squidgy but I'm definitely getting soft around the edges. I started going to yoga class back in June and I love it. Problem is, it's not super workout yoga. Compound that with the fact that I've cut waaaay back on doing the Shred and I'm bound to gain a few back.

So, I'm back here again--ready to face 30 intense days of the Shred again. This is now the second cycle since the miscarriage that I have not conceived so what better to do than to get my body svelte? Okay, so it won't really get svelte, but it may get more toned.

I think I'm going to drag myself upstairs to the scale right now. I may or may not share the number I see. I'm guessing it's back over 200, sadly. But at the same time, if I've gained 5-10 pounds, it's my own fault.

So, wish me luck. And happy Shredding--if you do that sort of thing.

**Post Edit**
Okay, scratch that. I'm not in the 200s (whew) and I haven't even gained weight. Technically, since the last time I weighed, I've lost. I'm now at -31.2.
HOWEVER, knowing that I'm softer around the edges, I realize I have lost some muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, I think I haven't really lost weight. So, time to get back on the wagon!


  1. What is squidgy? Because I think that I feel it too! Awesome that you have lost 31 lbs. Weight loss is such an amazing accomplishment!

  2. I saw you this week and thought you looked great. The summer has been good to you. Not squidgy - happy.