Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone Since November

What's changed? New chiropractor is out of network so buh-bye good chiropractor. Still not pregnant, no biggie. I started a new Jillian workout. This time I'm doing her Six Week Six Pack.

Today was day 11. I do want it to be clear, I began last year...December 31, to be exact. I don't like the New Year vibe. Anyway, the workout is rough but good. There are a few moves that I struggle with, two that I really struggle with being able to actually do (Spider and what she refers to as herkies, sp?) and one that really pushes me to the max-side plank knee lifts. And it's not so much that the move is difficult, my wrists start to really hurt. And then Jillian has to go and stack the wrist moves together, ouch.

I'm still going to yoga. My Thursday night Master's class has moved to Monday for a couple of months which allows me to go to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday yoga. I had a recent epiphany while stretching. Never before in my life has stretching felt so good. Before it's just been something I tolerate for 8 counts. Now, it feels soooo good.

I'm beginning another adventure this week. Well, I tried to start on Sunday evening and there was a snafu. Some friends from my favorite online community recommended Podcaster Intervals. If you're not familiar it's basically a podcast of a running system--a way to get you running. It starts at week one and alternates walking and running, set to music with a particular beat, to get you to a 5K (there are others, but I'm doing the 5K).

So I downloaded, what I thought was, week 1 and set to the frozen streets. When I looked down at the time it said 47 minutes, instead of the 29 I was expecting. Turns out I snagged the week one challenge instead of the basic week one. So I walked for five minutes to warm up, yogged for 10, and then cooled back down for two minutes.

Tomorrow I'm taking my workout gear to work and I might head to the middle or high school to try this run inside. My lungs were not too happy after I got back in the other night (and I won't get into all the neighbors who have NOT shoveled their walk in days), lots of coughing.

Anyhow, if it all works out I will 6W6P 6 days a week, yog on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and yoga Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I will be fit. I refuse to be fat.

Did I tell you, I'm no longer shopping at my fat lady store? All done. There's only one shirt remaining that I can actually wear from my fatter days...and it has a tie in the back so I can make it fitted. I'm excited to see what this new workout brings me. I can already feel myself getting stronger. The 6W6P is, obviously, a 6 week program. I'm into my second week. I can do this.

I'll try to write me. It helps keep me on track too.

Happy *snow* everyone!


  1. You are doing awesome !!!!! How much weight have you lost?? I have GOT to get motivated but I'm having a rEALLY hard time :(

  2. As someone who hasn't worked out in over a year, I kind of think you're a rockstar.

    That is all.

  3. Thanks SIF. (: But I was so that person that stopped working out, for years! Glad to be back.

  4. Andrea, it definitely has to be something you're ready for.
    I'm actually not sure how much I've lost. I know I gained some back after my big loss...I have to say I'm afraid of the scale.
    But I did say I'd get on the scale next week-so I'll let you know. (:

  5. I am so glad you are back! I kept checking and worrying!

  6. Thanks Twinkletoes...nice to be missed! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here (o: