Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's Saturday, a snowy Saturday. The hubs and I made our way to a local shoe store for their Sidewalk Sale--a momentous event. After trying on what seemed like 15 pairs of shoes...oh wait, it felt like 15 because it was!--I finally settled on a new pair of Sauconys at a very reasonable price. They were $45 dollars off their normal price, the price they will be again on Monday. Thanks to a Visa giftcard for Christmas I spent nothing out-of-pocket. One of the perks of this store is their 30 guarantee. You can wear them inside and out and if they don't work for you, you can take them back for an exchange.

I had my eyes on a very cute pink and paisley (on the tongue) pair of Sauconys but they did not fit me. The ankle was too high and the arch the same. I was this close to sacrificing comfort for looks. Instead, I purchased what I consider to be a very unattractive pair. Ho hum. They have a white mesh thing on top that almost made me say no. But they're comfy and very light.

Now on to the waiting. I'm waiting for all of this hard work to start showing itself. Granted, my pants a fitting less snugly but there is nothing drastic. I should probably take some time this evening to reread my own blog posts from last year at this time, I know I should be more grateful but gosh, I'm working my tail off to stay pudgy!

I've now completed 15 days of Jillian Michael's Six Week Six Pack, still going strong with my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday yoga, and have only just begun my 5k training with Podrunner-successfully completed 2 days.

But when will it start paying off? Last year I just had so much excess fat that it took forever to turn to muscle and begin to tone. I'm 20+ pounds lighter and smaller but it doesn't look like I've done a darn thing.

I know there is a big phase of frustration but I don't like it. I am, of course, going to keep going. But I just wish I had more--or less!--to show for my work. Stupid thighs and still pudgy belly, c'mon!

I'm done complaining now. I should be thankful I'm able to do all of this and I am doing it. I know it's only a matter of time before things catch up. Persistence.

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