Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me Monday

Okay, I haven't been so good at keeping up with this, and well, since MckMama has been more importantly occupied, I kind of forgot. But I shall do one today, how about you?

Well, let's just get this straight, I certainly did NOT drive all the way to campus for the first of 3 meetings this week only to find out they don't start until TUESDAY. Nope, I would never do that.
Since I did not have an unnecessary commute today (you know, they were going to serve breakfast) I did not make an entire batch of pancake batter to only eat ONE pancake. That's so wasteful. Breakfast for dinner?
I would never throw myself a pity party at being, sniff sniff, 14 days late for the arrival of Aunt Flo...who we were hoping (for the last thirteen months now...but who's counting?) would be out of town for, let's say, 9 or 10 months.
I did not, nor would I ever, roll my eyes and huff when I realized that my husband still had my Speedy Rewards Card AND my Biggby's gift card while I was out and about.
And most importantly, I did not chew off the few remains of fingernails that still stood standing today. I don't ever do that when I get nervous or anxious. Who would?

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  1. You and I are new followers of each other on twitter. I found you through Mckmama. Just stopped by to check out Not Me, Monday. Cute! Hopefully Aunt Flo will hurry and take that much needed vacation...Kathy(edshunnybunny)