Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

What's that saying about me if the last post I did was also a Not Me Monday? Oh yes, that's right. It's back-to-work time. Shrug. So let's see...

To start with, I most certainly did not 'not' set the alarm for a Monday morning. I have things to do people! Places to go, people to see (my mom always says that), and especially on a Monday when I'm trying to get in the groove for back to school. And speaking of school, I wasn't disappointed, just a little bit, at the way my back-to-school letters turned out.

My classroom does not look like a tornado has just ripped through it. No way. I'm simply taking everything out so I can put it back chaos here.
I did not look around at the Dog Park and think, "My dog rocks. Waaay better than the other dogs" because that's not very nice.

Hubby and I definitely did not have Steak 'n Shake for dinner last night. I don't eat fast food anymore so that would be a big (yummy) no no. Annnnddd, we certainly did not take turns throwing skinny french fries at our park-worn puppy. She doesn't love those, oh no.

Well, I have to get productive today. I'm certainly not contemplating not washing my hair to save time. I did wash it late yesterday morning...

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