Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School

It’s that time of year again, Back-to-School time! This makes year five for me. You’d think the ideas would just flow, but that’s not the case. I brainstormed and researched for several days what to do with my door. To no avail! Then one afternoon, in the midst of a (now averted) life crisis and a much-needed nap it came to me. A tree of knowledge. Shall We Dance? Leaves. Birds. Ahhh.

The finished product has no birdsseems too chaotic. A dear friend of mine suggested stringing birds at different lengths from the ceiling around the door. If I have time and the gumption to decorate birds, I’ll do that.

This year has afforded me the opportunity to de-clutter! It’s the first year I’m not freaking out about curriculum and finally feeling like I know what can goto the big waste can in the sky! I’m trying a couple new organizational things this year. One is bins. Magazine binsthey’ll each house table partners things: clipboards, writing notebooks, drafting folders, etc. Each set of partners will also have another bin for their utensils and reading materials. I’ve coordinated them by letterwhich will match a table. Since we switch tables monthly, all the bins will be cleaned monthly! Also, the bins have a special shelf where they’ll be kept nightly so tables can be washed and chairs can be put up easily.

Lastly, for tonight, I changed up my job board and lunch choice board. I still need the titles for both…but no more cookie-cutter boards from the teacher’s store.

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  1. Use the birds at a first art project. Each student can make their bird their own with paint, stamps, paper, markers... You're always looking for outside the box art projects. Me likey:)