Saturday, September 19, 2009

On Purpose

Do you ever wonder if things happen for a reason? I mean, I believe in the grander “everything happens for a reason” saying but I’m talking about the little things. Like, do I want something only because my husband just ate the last of it? Was I going to be extra focused on an afterschool task only to realize I have to leave early that day? Does this happen to you? It’s been happening to me a lot lately but it could simply be that school is back in session and my responsibilities have kicked back up.

And every time something like this happens I say to myself that I’m going to write it down and keep track of it. But do I? Not so much. The only one I can really remember as of recent deals with a dirty windshield. For weeks, driving into the morning sun on the horizon has proven difficult because of the fogged-over state of the window. Every time this happened I got frustrated and I’m quite sure I said something to myself along the lines of, “If I had a towel in here I’d wipe this entire thing clean.” So, the time finally came and I remembered the towel-a huge feat in itself. And what do you think happened? First, it sat in my bag and made the daily circle-living room floor, car seat, classroom, car seat, living room floor. I finally took it out of my bag and then it spent another week resting near the center console. Why does this happen? Why do I let this happen?

I’m going to try and keep better track and see what happens.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Best of luck in the drawing! Like your recipes have been looking for a hummus recipe going to try yours for sure!