Monday, September 14, 2009

Change of Habit

I think my husband thinks I’m out to get him. Or make him starve anyway. You see, he gets really bad heartburnmainly from the crap he eats. So, I’ve started to change the foods I make for meals, as well as, the foods I keep in the house. Duh silly, shouldn’t I have been doing that from the beginning? Well, probablybut you know, if he wants potato chips he can have them. Ugh, and here’s the dilemma. So lately we’ve exchanged potatoes with polenta. Instead of a baguette we had bulgur (which, by the way, he hates the name of!). Ranch dip? Nope, meet freshly made hummus. Bacon and eggs for breakfast? No wayapple cinnamon pecan oatmeal with barley.

You get the point. How’s he handling this? As good as can be expected. He’s actually eating more than I thought and has even liked most things. Just not the bulgur mainly. I’m in love with the oatmeal lately. Especially topped with freshly chopped apples and pecans. I can hardly wait for breakfast now.

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