Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roadside Memorial

I’m a noticer. Well, I notice things that are out of the ordinary. I notice things that have gone missing. I notice things that are different than the day before. During the school year I have the same thirty-minute commute, both ways. Some time ago, I’m guessing two yearsyou’ll see more of my logic shortlyI noticed an accident off the side of the highway, on a rural road. Like any accident I got that sinking feeling of dread; not for me but for family and friends who, of course, I don’t know. But you don’t have to know them do you?

A week or so later a memorial constructed of a cross, flowers, balloons, and many mourners began to appear. Each day new things showed up and new people pulled off the road to share their sentiments. This constant flow of traffic on that rural road persisted on my evening commute for some time. I remember thinking, “How lovely,” of the continual flow of support. Of any roadside memorial, I have never seen this kind of activity.

And then it seemed to fade away. Or maybe I stopped lookingbut I doubt that because one day, seemingly 4 seasons later, same time, same place the traffic picked up again. And one day there was an entire crowd of people. This, I’m guessing, was a one-year memorial. While it made me sad it also filled my heart. All that support, one year on, amazing.

Even now, another year later, I still catch glimpses of friends stopping by. Today was one of those daysa man, sitting on the hillside, leaning against his truck; simply sitting there in support. Each time this happens I think, hope, and pray that whoever that was knows how loved they are.

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