Friday, November 27, 2009

Fleas, again?

Talk about timing. You’ll know that we’ve had our bout with fleas lately because of my earlier post. And when I finally dragged myself off the couch Tuesday night, scratching away at my left leg I thought for sure I too had become victim to those un-crushable little buggers.

Let me back up a smidge. Monday night, as I was leaving the chiropractor’s office, I got a massive case of the chills. In the car I couldn’t get the heat high enough. When I got home I told hubby I was really cold and that I was just going to lay down for a few minutes under a blanket to warm up.

An hour and a half later-three blankets, a head wrap, thick socks, and a cranked-up wood stove-I finally got warm. I can’t remember ever having the chills that badly in my life before. The shaking-near convulsing-painful chills. My first thought, how on earth could I be sick again?! But wait, I felt fine...with the exception of those chills and well, now I was running a temp of 101.3.

After lots of hemming and hawing that night about heading into work the next day I decided to just head to bed and suck it up, especially since it was the last day before Thanksgiving break.

When the alarm went off in the morning I told myself I was getting up to go to work, even though I didn’t feel right. The thermometer was still sitting next to the alarm clock so I grabbed it quickly and sat in bed waiting for the beep. 101.8. Um, okay okay...I’ll go write sub plans.

Since it was the last workday before a holiday I had to make it into the doctor’s office. Hubby packed me in the car and off we went. Long story short, the doctor diagnosed me with another virus. Clue number 2 should have been what the nurse said to me. “You shouldn’t be running a fever on an antibiotic.” Yup, I was still taking an antibiotic to get rid of an ear infection. What was clue number one? Oh, the fever and chills without any other ailments.

So, now back to Tuesday night...and the little bumps on my leg and my itchy arms and chest and even an itchy face, strange. Did a load of laundry washing our entire bedding set and couch blankets. I put everything back together, scratching all the while. A little hydrocortisone will do the trick and off to bed I went.

Wednesday I was tired, still had the fever and chills, and was still a bit itchy. Stupid fleas. But, and this is a big but, I couldn’t just lie around, we were hosting Thanksgiving. Long story short, later that night (while hubby was away at a gig, of course) I happened to see a few more red spots on my skin. There is no way that this could be a fleabite. So, against my better judgment (I really had to talk myself into calling the on-call doctor-I understand that they are at home with their family on their time) I called the on-call center because now I was getting more convinced I was having an allergic reaction.

You know that saying, “Listen to your instincts”? Yes, you should listen to your body. I had actually questioned this antibiotic twice while I was taking it. Argh! Anyway, the on-call doctor confirmed my suspicions; yes I was reacting adversely to the meds.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and I had a few more red bumps...nothing my clothing couldn’t cover. However, I felt a bit yuckier in the morning and was getting worried about hosting for the day. I popped an allergy pill and a couple hours later I was feeling muuuuuch better. Thanksgiving was great! (okay okay, I segue a lot)

It’s Friday morning in my world (Black Friday in most other’s worlds) and you should see the present I woke up with today!

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