Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

I think I heard it on a commercial recently. A few guests are coming and then another group joins in and then before you know it the whole crew is crashing your party. How does that happen? Oh wait, I can answer that one.

My husband plays in a band and this is the giggin’ time of year. So, I emailed my mom to say we don’t really want to travel for Thanksgiving because hubby has a gig the night before Thanksgiving and the night after and that we’d just do something for the two of us.

In her return email she compromised and suggested we host Thanksgiving for us, my mom, dad, and grandma and they’d host Christmas. Talked it over with the husband and he agreed-since it would be small. So replied to mom “sure” and that makes five.

And then I got thinking we should invite the in-laws and my sister-in-law and her babe. So that makes a total of nine. Okay, nine, I can do that.

Through another email my mom shared that my aunt and uncle (who live not far from us) weren’t going to do anything because their kids/grandkids were heading up north now instead of hanging around. Okay, plus two more. That makes 11.

Paper-saving me sent out an evite invitation (as usual) for our gathering and had forgotten to check the RSVPs for a couple of days when low-and-behold my aunt and uncle’s response: “Change of plans, the kids aren’t heading north after all. Would it be okay...” You get the picture. Plus five. Yes, a family of five. That now makes 16.

So our small, just-the-two-of-us, Thanksgiving has blossomed into another family affair. And secretly, I’m glad it did.

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