Saturday, November 14, 2009



So, we’d been really lucky, with Codie avoiding any fleas. And then one day Codie met Daisy. A super duper cute puppy-you know the sortpudgy, scruffy fur, overzealous nibblesThe day after Daisy left we noticed Codie squatting and scratching her shoulder blades and biting at her belly. Sure enough, fleas! We quickly took her to a local pet store and got her a flea bath followed by a dose of flea meds. Still the fleas persisted. Hubby took Codie back two days later for another flea bath. Still fleas. In the meantime, I was washing everything that would fit in the machines.

Not wanting to overdose our little girl we backed off for a few days. This morning, hubby post late night show, I scooped up my girl and we went for a ride to the vet. I plead my case to the receptionist and she mentioned having a pill that would start working instantly. Instantly? Riiiight. But I bought it anyway along with a spray to use on our furniture and gave the pup her brown round pillmunch munch.

When we got home hubs was still upstairs snoozing but Codie was too excited. She ran up the stairs and bound her way onto the bed and woke up her papa. We both snuggled and scratched her furry little belly when I looked on the duvet cover. UGH! Grody! Fleasdropping off her like flies. But wait, dead fleas. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it. The lady was right. The fleas are gone! Off our girl anyway. We’re still working our way through the house.

The best 16 dollars I’ve spent in a long time. Thanks Patterson Vet Hospital!

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