Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coffee Cake

I dub this Pantry Coffee Cake.

You see, I hate feeling like we’re “doing without”. Yes, I’m sure that sounds absurd but it’s hard to make sacrifices and stick with them. So, I raided the pantry this morning and then got on the Internet. I found this recipe for Breakfast Cake. And well, two of my favorite words combinedcould I really go wrong?

However, I didn’t have vanilla pudding mix but I did have a cheesecake pudding. Then, the size I had was too small so I doubled it by using a chocolate pudding too. Hrmthis could go terribly wrong. I also didn’t have “Butter Flavoring”-that sounds nasty to me anyway. But I reminded myself I’m making sacrifices, er, substitutions.

I wanted to make a treat because hubby worked really hard all week, wasn’t feeling well, and had a corporate gig last night that didn’t get him home until 4:30 am.

Anyhow, as I’m slaving away (ha!) in the kitchen, hubs got up and got ready to leave! He apparently has a roof job this morning so I’m literally eating this cake all by my lonesome, which turned out okay. I wouldn’t crave making it again. This is probably due to my substitutions and lack of nuts (hubs isn’t a big fan-but it could certainly use nuts). It does have a delightful texture that I’m sure is the pudding mix. And I can definitely taste the yellow cake mix-not sure if I care for that. Ah well, I tried.

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