Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Let it snow

The forecast has predicted our first snowfall for tonight. I am excited. Well, mostly excited. I think the first snowfall is beautiful and magical. I wish I could stay home and watch it fall all day. What doesn’t excite me is the 30-minute drive I have to work in the morning that turns into a 45-60 minute drive in the snow.

But I won’t think about that now. For now I am anxiously watching the outdoor light for signs of precipitation falling through its path.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...


  1. i saw your comment on blog frog about breakfast and protein. we have a new favorite. i take a grands biscuit and put in the bottom of a jumbo muffin pan. fill with eggs and precooked sausage or bacon or ham. sprinkle with cheese and bake. this makes a great food to eat on the run. the kids all love it too and i can make a bunch and re heat them

  2. I'm not ready yet! I'm in New England and I am not a fan of snow 364 days of the year. :) Hope your commute isn't too bad!