Thursday, August 4, 2011

Impulse Buying

This typically isn't a problem for me. After working in retail and learning about product placement and the like, I'm usually able to walk right past all those little goodies.

Today was not that kind of day.

I started out wanting to replace this:

It may look ripe, but don't let it fool you!

On Sunday I did my usual grocery shopping and on the list was avocado. However, all the avocados in the bin were nowhere near ripe so I purchased one anyway and pushed turkey tacos to Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon that darn avocado hadn't even budged. Still green and rock hard. I shoved it in a brown paper bag in the hopes it would help it along.

Wednesday morning I opened that bag excited to find a ripe avocado. Not.

I headed to the farm market store only to find a bin of very green avocados. I decided I'd try the original store I bought the un-ripening avocado from--nope. Then off to another store in town (across the street). I finally found this:

So what am I talking about, impulse buying...I went for one ripe avocado and came home with this:

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