Saturday, May 8, 2010


The hubs and I went out to dinner this evening before his gig. As we pulled into East Lansing we thought we had made a mistake-it's Michigan State University graduation day. Yikes!

But we got fairly lucky when we number one, found a parking spot in downtown, number two got into the restaurant we were headed for just before the crowd, and number three really enjoyed our dinner.

On our first official date we went for Indian, Bombay Cuisine in Grand Rapids (pre remodel). I'm still quite sentimental about the images I have tucked in my memory from that night.
And when we moved to the Capital, we tried another Indian cuisine restaurant and about had a come-apart. Everything about that night was awful! But tonight we tried a new place, Mumbai, and it was delicious!

As we were sitting there, among the hoards of new graduates, our table was just behind a family of five. Very proud parents and two siblings all there congratulating the oldest girl. There was one moment, just before they ordered, where her parents asked her what her plan was now. From what I recall she said she was, "returning back to Dubai," and something to the effect of, "great booming economy," etc. After the girl stated her intentions the parents presented her with a gift. I'm not sure of the amount but it must have been quite nice, but she was given a check for all her hard work while she was here at school. I got the feeling they kept tucking money away as if she was being paid for doing a job while in school. The whole moment was amazing though. The parents explained how this was to get her on her feet and to start fresh in a new place.

I literally had to lower my head and concentrate on my Chicken Tikka to avoid crying. I'm not doing the moment any justice but to be a part of it all was lovely. Her parents were so proud of her and in return the girl was so grateful. Very touching.

On top of having a wonderful meal with my husband, I left that restaurant with an even better feeling. I'm excited to return but strangely, I'm more excited for that girl's family and their future.


  1. That's a really neat story! great restaurant and great ambiance! On a side note my cousin who is a software engineer, she just moved from Oslo to Dubai. It must be the place to be.....

  2. Isn't it neat to sometimes be a part of something conicidental?