Monday, May 3, 2010


That's my word. Squidgy. To me it means soft and pudgy around the edges. Like my body.

It seems no matter how much weight I lose, I still feel squidgy.

I was SURE today as I got on the scale there was going to be a 2 pound uppage in weight. I was SHOCKED when the scale was down three more pounds. That's right-I'm now officially 195.6 which is down 28.2 pounds. That's really close to thirty. So close I can almost taste it.

It seems as though I'm a long-term gal. The more I keep going the better it gets. I definitely think the yogging is helping. And tonight, despite my miserable allergies, I will be yogging again.

I will take pictures soon because I'm having a hard time believing it too.

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  1. i found you on blogfrog, and just read this post and that's AWESOME!!! congrats on the weight loss! I'm sure it's difficult to stick with it some days, but kudos to you!