Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Bite of Irony

I was fortunate enough to meet up with an old friend yesterday. We went to high school together--he moved in our junior year, he reminded me--and even the same community college. We acted in the same shows and worked on the same sets in our theatre department. Yes, I'm a 'theatre' snob. You won't see me spelling it 'theater' unless I'm referring to the movie type.

We grabbed some lunch in Chelsea and then did a little walking around. Okay, I admit it, we were trying to find a cool, and by cool I mean cold!, spot for a nice drink. It was definitely a sweaty day here in the city. In our quest we happened upon a designer dog store. Did you know those existed? Me either. I believe somewhere I have mentioned that I'm a sucker all things small and furry so I couldn't pass up this display of cuteness. In the window were five or so puppies milling about playing with one another; chewing ears, kicking bellies, tail-wagging pounces. When we realized this store was air conditioned we hopped inside. Along the far wall of the building was a line of crates. In those crates were more puppies. And were they ever cute. I really could have rescued them all and taken them home. That is until I overheard the salesman (um, are you really called that when you work in a puppy mill???) tell another customer that the dog he had his eye on was, minus the $300 discount, now at a stunning $12,000 price point!

Bring your jaws back up to closed-mouth position, I have more to say.

All these dogs were miniature versions of their breed. The ones that caught my eye were the Australian Shepherds. And were they ever adorable. Like, stick one in your over-sized purse and run cute.

I will say, I did not take the best photos but I was seriously worried that the
salesman was going to thwart me upside my head and confiscate my camera.

Really, did you not just contemplate finding this place and opening your purse and running?

On the way out of the store we looked at the window display pups from the inside. Here's where I think it's funny. There was this miniature dachshund playing with a cardboard/paper know, the ones you might get food from a ballgame or a fair in? One you might transport french fries, or a burger, or a hot dog?

By the time I fished my camera back out of my bag the little guy had moved a bit. The picture I intended was of the pup completely laying inside the tray. Like, "Order up!".
Clearly though this dog knew what was going on and he was telling the tray we he thought of that idea!

Completely changing gears here, remember me mentioning how my room view was going to change? It certainly did...and I love it. I'm guessing not many people would request a Broadway view with all the sights and sounds of NY...but I love it. My entire life living at my parents' house was street noisy. We lived next to a major interstate, not to mention one that is the main artery between Chicago and Detroit, and the hum of the cars lulls me to sleep at night. Here's the view from where I am now.

Tonight I'm off to dinner with another friend. Maybe when I get back I'll tell you the very small world story about how I know her. Au revoir!

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