Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Small World

Here's the quick version of how I know Heather.

When we moved to the small town we live in we went exploring. It is a quaint town afterall. In this town there is a lovely antique shop. We got to talking with the proprietor one day and eventually became friends--a woman in her mid to late 50s. Subsequently, this woman's parents had moved from Vegas to our little town to be near their daughter and family because they were getting older. My hubby started doing handy man work for both families. We adore the older couple too.

A few months later, around Christmas, my brother was headed home for the holidays from NYC when he was chatting with a NY friend of his. He happened to mention that he was to be visiting his sister in their small little town outside of Lansing. When his friend inquired into the name of the town, her eyes grew big at his response. "That's the town my family lives in."

Turns out Heather my brother's friend, is the daughter of the antique store proprietor, the grand-daughter of the older couple.

Now, how small world is that?

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