Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Regular Saturday Night

Right? Well, mostly.

Today was a normal day--yoga, breakfast, hanging out with the family, dinner, watching tv while the hubs plays a show, trying on my wedding dress...What?

Due to a combination of factors (really over the past two days) I got the bug to go revisit my wedding dress. I really started to worry that three years later I no longer loved my dress. In my head it looked dated and cheesy. There was really a moment that I was scared to look.

In between episodes of
Say Yes to the Dress (yes, yes, okay--this show was my breaking point!) I tip-toed upstairs and snuck up on the oversized garment bag hanging in our spare room's closet.

A good 20 minutes later I had wrangled myself into my dress again (it's a lace-up-the-back kinda dress) and scooped up my camera for this momentous return-to-the-day photo op.

Although the pictures are cheesy and in terrible lighting I didn't think it would be very nice of me not to share.

Oh yeah, check out those hot tan lines!

So...Did I purchase a dress that could stand the test of time?

Did I still love it?



  1. That dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! so so pretty! and you look beautiful in it :-)

  2. I LOVE the dress! It is beautiful and so are you!!

  3. Thanks gals! That's so sweet!

  4. I can so relate to this!! I still have my wedding dress and every year, I take it out on my anniversary and put it on. There were only two years I couldn't put it on and I was pregnant those years. I've been married eight years now, and what's REALLY fun is that my oldest daughter is six and loves the dress as much as I do now. As a wedding photographer, I see all kinds of styles and as I flip through bridal mags (as research!), I daydream. My dress had long sleeves and you just don't see that anymore. But it was classic and beautiful and I'm so happy that it was MY dress. :o)

  5. I might have to start doing that too Julie! I have thought about it before--I should come out wearing it for our anniversary dinner! (o:

  6. I think your dress will stand the test of time... it's beautiful. At least you can fit into yours - I might could fit one leg into mine :-/

  7. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL HOLLY! I think the dress still looks very stylish and so flattering!

    I wish I would have started earlier, but from now on I will take photos of Julia in my dress once a year - or as much as a three year old can be "in" a dress. I think it will be fun to watch her grow up with the dress. For a while it will be mostly background - but it will still be special to see her WITH it once a year.

  8. so did hubby find you and just shake his head?? hehehe
    I think its not nearly as pretty on the hanger as it is when you wear it.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  9. Carrie that is adorable! And such a great idea...if I have a little girl I might have to do the same thing.

    Yes, I fit into it but remember, I can lace it up--it's very forgiving. (o:

    Luckily hubs was out for the evening. I haven't yet told him what I was up to last night...heehee

  10. Beautiful dress! I'm less than 3 months from my big day, and it's nice to hear that you can still appreciate the dress even after your wedding :-)

  11. Congratulations on getting into the dress. I am so inspired by your weightloss journey!