Monday, June 28, 2010

Bumpy Ride

I'm on the road again. I'm back in my favorite big city (in the US) and am currently holed up in my room avoiding raindrops.

My first flight this morning was on a teeny tiny airplane that went bumpity-bump-bump all the way across Lake Michigan. Once I arrived in the Windy City I had to hike from the F gates to the B gates. After, what seemed like forever, 45 minutes of waiting for a seat at the gate I finally managed to secure one facing a TV that was reporting about the storm outside Detroit last night. I only caught the tail end of the story when I heard, "...the gate for flight 689 with service to LaGuardia has now changed to gate B10". Which I should have known. The flight to Orlando, that was sharing our gate, had not begun to board because their plane had still not arrived from wherever.

I shuffled myself over to the next gate and sat down to enjoy my coffee and cinnamon scone. Across from me were two ladies enjoying apples and a view of the TV. Now, I'm a scone dipper. I like to break off pieces of my bakery treat and dip them into my hot cuppa joe. I was nearing the end of my breakfast when I happened to look up and realize that one of the ladies was still eating her apple a good five minutes after she started.

As I studied her, while trying not to stare, it looked as though she was just very slow and thorough in her apple eating. She even had a napkin tucked closely to catch any juicy apple drips.

Um, no. Not even close. She was taking a bite at a time, chewing the apple, and spitting back out the skin! I literally almost yacked my scone back up.

And then there was the cast of the traveling Wizard of Oz. How do I know they were the cast? They made sure to let everyone know. One gentleman (oh, excuse me, his sign clearly said he was a munchkin) was sporting a bright pink shirt and a gold lame fanny pack and was rather 'boisterous'.

Guess who sat behind me on the flight?

On this not-so-small plane the ride wasn't any smoother. We went bumpity-bump-bump over Lake Erie and all the way into the Big Apple. And then came the herky-jerky cab ride from LGA to the Upper West Side; I am certainly glad to be in a stationary position now.

In my short while here I've checked into the hotel--and checked out my view:

Which looked like this for about an hour. I could tell a storm was a'brewin' so I went for a quick bite to eat and some groceries (bottled water, grapes, Wasa crackers).

This is a Gray's Papaya...It was tasty...but not tasty enough to try again.

And when I got back my view looked like this:

Tomorrow my view should be completely different. Despite thinking this view is lovely, the size of room I have to endure to enjoy the scenery is not worth it. This girl packed her yoga mat and two workout dvds...I can't even spread the mat out in here. The oh so lovely and sweet ladies at the desk are going to move me into a bigger room tomorrow. Very very kind of them.

Now, what to do this evening...

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