Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Chiropractor

I recently changed chiropractic offices when I began feeling a pain in my side awfully reminiscent of last year's rib-out-of-place debacle. I woke up on a Sunday morning with what felt like a stitch in my side (do you know what that is? My hubs claims it doesn't exist!), or a bad cramp, and it just wouldn't quit.

Monday morning I called my yoga instructor/new chiropractor and made an appointment for that afternoon. I, unfortunately--I felt at the time, couldn't meet with my yoga instructor but her husband, who instructs Tai Chi classes instead.

While I've gotten to be rather close with my new yoga friends, they really don't know too much about my personal life, namely my current inability to bear a child.

So, you can imagine my surprise when, as I lay belly-down on the red vinyl table, Dr. Tai Chi spoke of my misalignments in my back-namely, some that represent my menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Perk. Those were my ears clamoring for more information. I had never mentioned to Drs. Tai Chi or Yoga that I had irregular cycles or issues with ovulation.

Dr. Tai Chi asked if I ever had issues with one cycle being very heavy and painful compared with the previous month. Yes.

Then he talked about my ovaries and something about them getting tired or whatever. I don't exactly remember because I was trying to digest the million things he was saying in his South African accent while being adjusted this way and that.

Regardless, the main point of this is on Wednesday Aunt Flo arrived. Or so I thought. No, she did. It was just that the usual pain I have when she's here, wasn't. And the usual Flo wasn't usual...she packed light for this visit.

I feel I glossed over this too, I couldn't even feel her presence.

Did Dr. Tai Chi have something to do with this? Can I be fixed from the outside? Is there hope for me? I seem to be seeing a lot of "hope" lately. We shall hope and see.