Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Eight

It was a later evening Shred today. I found it hard to get motivated. It's something to do with wishing the weekend weren't so fleeting. Anyway...Shred I did. I worked a bit harder, as it is a last chance workout before tomorrow's weights and measures.

Do I think I lost any weight? Honestly, no. I say that because I still feel heavy and it sucks. It super sucks.

I don't feel like typing much more tonight, so here's the menu.

Green tea with mixed berry
Breakfast burrito
Mixed fruit

Tall non fat, sugar free, mocha

Fiesta Lime Chicken from Applebee's. We went to dinner with my parents. I only ate half of the portion. My plan is to eat the rest for lunch tomorrow but I feel so bloated I'm second guessing myself. We'll see.


The Shred-Day Twenty Seven

I bring you this broadcast tonight direct from the comfort of my bed. I realize I'm a day past my deadline, but believe you me, I did Shred on Saturday.

As I mentioned previously my parents came up this weekend. They're currently on their way to sleepy land downstairs. I got up around 8:30, which is a huge sleep in for me, and Shredded. I'm definitely an evening workout girl. I have always been. But today went okay. I had to be extra quiet because the hubs was still sleeping in from his gig the night before.

I have nothing life shattering to report at day 27--which I thought for sure was day 26. Yeesh.

We did go out to dinner tonight to that place I referenced earlier also. Man oh man, talk about killing the excitement with expectations. Let me just say, I'm picky and have high standards. And when I am paying for a meal that triples my weekly budget, you bet I want things a certain way.
Our waiter was arrogant and aloof. I sat for 15 minutes with an empty water glass and a partially full pomegranate martini glass-because it was way too strong and tasted nothing of pomegranate. That's where this all began, he tried to tell me I needed a drink. When my mom and I decided we would try ONE I meant one. Instead we each got one at $8.00 a pop. Neither of us finished our drinks. Then when I ordered dinner he again tried to TELL me what salad dressing I wanted on my salad. And when I ordered a different one, he questioned me-no, he told me I was getting the house. This one I didn't let go-I ordered another one. But sadly, I barely at the salad because it was soaked in dressing. Mental note: order dressing on the side. My steak was okay. It was cooked well, medium rare, but I feel it should have been seasoned. And it was a filet...I was oh so sad. The garlic mashed potatoes that came with it had a fake garlic (or garlic overkill) taste to them. I took the equivalent of one bite of those and let them be. So argh. I'm totally pissed at that waiter. Thanks for ruining my dinner jackhead.

How'd the rest of my dining day go?

Green tea with mixed berry
Breakfast burrito

Everything Bagel (Panera) with cream cheese. Did you know there are 18 grams of fat in a one serving cream cheese from there?!?! I used less than half.

6 oz filet
3 bites of Italian dressing drenched salad
1 bite garlic mashed
3/4 pomegranate martini

I'm exhausted...

Happy Sunday Shredding!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Six

I'm eating as I type tonight. And the puppy is staring me down. I got brave and decided to make my own sushi, thanks to Jen. I must say, it's not the same without the tuna. But it's not bad.

Okay, so on to business. Day 26 behind me now! I can't believe I've come this far. I know I have a far journey ahead of me but man, it feels good.

I have to do some major cleaning and arranging tonight before my parents get here tomorrow. With John being sick I really got behind on things.

The Shred went okay today. I'm struggling to get through the sumo squat things and the jump squats without keeling over. However, I'm not Anita-stylin' those, hello Natalie. I think the next thirty days through will be interesting. Will I find those other levels just as hard or easier?

Menu today-
Can I just interject, there were Friendship Bread and bagels in the lounge today. I didn't even give them a second glance. Dang, I so used to be that girl. "I'll just eat one," and now look at me! No more.

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut bites and honey

Chicken noodle soup
Mixed fruit (yum yum yum)

Mixed fruit (I stayed after to get all my stuff ready for next week-I needed to tide myself over)

Sushi! Rice, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, ginger. Although, I'm not doing too much damage to it. I think I've had 5 pieces, maybe 4 (I gave one to the pup) and I'm about stuffed!
I may have some mixed fruit later after I get to cleaning.

We made it to Friday now it's time to relax a little and enjoy the weekend.
Happy weekend Shredding everyone!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Five

I did it again. I had to open a new tab and check my own blog to see which day I was on. You'd think I could get it straight. I'm guessing the numbers will get more confusing as I continue. Alas, day 25 has been done.

You know how I was complaining yesterday about having to do sub plans and all that? Well, today ended up being worth it. Was the training that amazing you may be asking? Um, well, it was good--but we were slated 8:30-3:30 and rocked out at 2:15. I had the best of intentions of coming home, working out, and then spending the rest of the evening cuddling with my recuperating hubby. Try that, but in reverse. I did a lot of cozying up to him and just now finished the Shred, at 8ish.

But did it I did. I still can't rockstar. I was so glad to read that I wasn't alone though. And is it just me or are those last ab moves on your elbow a killer? It's not the ab part but the elbow part. I couldn't even do more than two so now I do them with my arm straight. Am I alone there?

This weekend my parents are coming to visit. I haven't seen them since Christmas which is a long time. We usually see each other about every two to three weeks. Anyhow, my point being my parents haven't seen me in my less chubby state. I certainly hope she can see a difference. Hubby let slip one day that I was working out-I was trying to keep it a secret. I hope there's no let down.

It's always hard when you have company-the eating that is. Luckily my mom understands as we struggle with the same things. We do have dinner reservations on Saturday night to celebrate my dad and hubby's birthdays. We're headed to a local must. And I know I'll be eating healthy because I already know what I'm ordering.

I thought about this while watching the Biggest Loser this week. I've become defensive of Jillian. It's like I've seen a different side of her. And when the Red Team went on their lying rampage I was ticked for Jillian. Don't mess with my girl! Ha!

Today's menu is not exciting. In fact, had I been more prepared I would NOT have eaten the lunch I was given. I knew going into today that it wouldn't be spectacular but I didn't think we would be eating middle school cafeteria food.

Same breakfast as normal, tea and yogurt.

I have a thing against most lunch meats anyway and when I saw my oval "ham" sandwich, I was less than thrilled. We got boxed lunches. The contents:
Sandwich-ham with a white "cheese" square, tomato (which was immediately ripped off my bun, yuck!), lettuce, on a kaiser.
A banana so green even I wouldn't eat it for two days (gee thanks)
A bag of Ruffles (hello, 11 grams of fat)
A cookie--I think it's peanut butter

What did I actually eat? The sandwich, sans tomato plus mustard (I avoided the mayo packet), carrots, and fruit salad. I brought the latter two myself. I really, really wanted the chips. But it was more I wanted the salty crunch. They were even sour cream and cheddar. Yummm.

So I refrained from all the unhealthy stuff at lunch and I was so proud. Until I got in the car and was starving after the meeting. What did I do when I got home? I had a large handful of BAKED sour cream and cheddar chips, a small bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a serving and a half of the Dark Chocolate Chex. And this was around 4. I haven't had anything since and I'm thinking that's a good thing. I am about to make some fruit salad for tomorrow-with pineapple too this time. I might have a bite or two of that. All in all, not too shabby.

Tomorrow is day 26. The hubs has a gig so I'm on my own. Hope he's back to his old self and feeling well though! He hasn't been out of bed in two days! Saturday my plan is to work out in the morning before my parents arrive so I have the whole day free then I'll work out Sunday night after they leave.

How's your week? Tomorrow's Friday ya know!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Four

I'm having the hardest time keeping track of which day I'm on. I usually guess one day behind...and have actually titled two posts incorrectly, giving me double titles! (Which I have since fixed...)

Today was a toughie. My poor hubby spent the majority of the night running to the bathroom (talk about an ab workout). Then there's me who can't sleep through that because it makes me feel awful-him experiencing pain and discomfort. Then the puppy can't figure out what the flip is happening so she's getting up and down. It was a long night last night. Then today having to leave him here. Mainly, I knew he wouldn't feed himself and whatnot so I tried loading him up with things he could stomach. He got an apple, a banana, saltines, and two glasses of water. He actually ate more than I thought he would-the banana and some saltines.

I had to run an errand after school but hurried home to make him some homemade chicken noodle soup. I did have to stop at the store for a few things, celery, chicken broth, Tylenol, and Sprite. When I got home I shoved everything into the stockpot and was going to work out but thought it best if I tended to the soup so hubs could eat before midnight.

Too bad I forgot to pick up noodles. I didn't realize we only had a small portion of egg noodles left and started to panic. I didn't want to have to go back out to the store (um, less than 10 degrees with the windchill today) so I panned the pantry and came up with a solution. Lasagna noodles. And it worked! Granted, it's more like chicken and dumpling soup but it turned out well! There's really nothing like homemade chicken noodle soup. I have plenty leftover to freeze and keep for another emergency sickness.

Tomorrow I have to be gone to a training all day so I had to get sub plans around. Do people-non teacher people-realize what a pain it is to be gone from work??? I can't just call in. There is so much work to be done to be gone. But at least I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow. I'm normally up around 5:45 so tomorrow I'm sleeping until 6:45. Watch out!

I really like Level 3. I know I've said it before but I'm serious. I like feeling like I'm making a difference. I can feel my thigh muscles. I can see my arms toning up. This is great. Next month Jackie is proposing a mixture of The Shred and The Biggest Loser's Last Chance Workout. Any takers on joining us?

Today's menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut bites and honey
(Do I ever get sick of

Chicken Chili--Hey it's fast and easy...and it was very good today
Mixed fruit

(ha! I was just thinking, I could go for something sweet then I typed the fruit, I'm so having some in a minute!)


Chicken noodle/dumpling soup
Mixed fruit

I have noticed my appetite curbing. I hope this sticks. I haven't had a morning snack in a few days. I usually start to get hungry around 11:00 and by that time I can wait until lunch at 11:30.
I do get hungry in the afternoon, around 3:00 (but hey, I did eat lunch at 11:30...) so I usually eat an apple or banana.
Then come dinner, I take what I think is a smaller portion than I had in the past and still can't finish it all. Yip!

I'm being a bad mom tonight. The pup is not getting a walk. It's toooooo cold outside and I have a sick hubs to tend to.

Good night and Happy Shredding Thursday tomorrow!

**Post edit! I forgot--I ate a cake ball this morning. I didn't make them, which made it taste all the better.
Oh, and I ate my fruit but then had a bad craving so I ate one serving of Dark Chocolate Chex. Yum.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Three

There's almost nothing worse than seeing someone you love sick. And this came out of nowhere. I got home and said hello, started dinner, Shredded, walked the dog, got back and hubs was laying on the couch. He said he wasn't feeling well-felt a bit chilled, nauseous, and just not right. I know this all too well because back in November, that's what happened to me. I went to the chiropractor, got adjusted, and then got an hour-long massage. Near the end of the massage I got the chills, bad. I had the heat blaring in the 20 minute car ride home, nothing...etc etc. Mine turned into 7 days. Yup, non medically diagnosed we think it was H1N1. I'd feel better than worse. Every single day.

But I'm not thinking this is what hubby has. He actually thinks it could have been his beer tonight. Said he bought cans of Miller Lite instead of bottles. Thought they tasted different but chalked it up to being in cans. And now the poor guy has nothing left inside him. I'm glad I'm not a sympathetic puker. I can handle that. He's tucked up tight in bed now. I hate that...I hate watching him suffer. )o:

Okay, on to why you're here. I love level 3. I really do. Same schpeel as yesterday...I did 'cheat' a little on the rockstars. I can't do them, really. So today I used a chair to help me jump higher. Don't tell Jillian. I'm currently watching the Biggest Loser. They're running miles to get cards that either have checks or x's. I'm not a fan of thinking this is has nothing to do with how hard you work, it's more about luck. That's just my opinion.

Menu for today:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut clusters

White chicken chili-with avocado, cheese, and sour cream

Mixed fruit

White chicken chili-with avocado, cheese, and sour cream (see a trend? guess what's for lunch tomorrow...)

I might have some fruit later. I picked up a couple bananas from Felpausch--that will really kick up that fruit salad.

Oh, my thighs...hello rock hard. Just the lower if that would travel all over. Thanks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

White Chicken Chili

This is an adapted recipe from a coworker. Her reciped called for a crockpot, I didn't have that kind of time.

3 or 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, but into hunks (for faster cooking)
1 16 oz jar of salsa (I used hot)
1 16 oz jar of Great Northern Beans (her recipe called for 2) drained
1 chopped jalapeno (I found one with rips in the skin, hot!)
1 can diced chiles
1 24 oz can of chicken broth

In saucepan over medium to medium low heat pour in the salsa, jalapeno, green chiles, and the chicken broth. Mix together and then place chicken in.

Cook for about 20 minutes. Take chicken out and shred it then place it back in the liquid. Add the can of beans. Cook for another 30 minutes.

When serving put cheese, sour cream (reduced fat), and avocado on top. Enjoy!

The Shred-Day Twenty Two

OMG OMG OMG. Jillian is not fooling around this level and I like it! Yesterday I was set on doing Natalie style things only to realize I can't! Well, some yes, but the majority no. So I tried Anita style and man that was so much better. However, Anita kicked my butt. I haven't felt like this since early in level one.

Right under and inside my s
houlder blade is sore. My thighs are screaming. But yes, I like it. I feel like there may be better progress in this level.

Today's menu-
Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut clusters

Leftover scalloped potatoes

Mixed fruit (kiwi, mandarin orange, apple, pear)

White Chicken Chili
I'm going to post this recipe later. It turned out really well and if it hadn't been for the cheese and sour cream it would have been uber-healthy. And the hubs loved it!
Mixed fruit (same as lunch)

So weights and measurements didn't go as well as I thought. I am so angry at the scale. I just can't seem to understand it. I get it with the first two weeks but come on!

Here's the measurements--


Starting- 43"
Week 4- 40 3/4
(-2 1/4)

Starting- 41 1/2"
Week 4- 37"
(-4 1/2)

Starting- Right-30 1/2" Left-30 1/2"
Week 4- Right-29 1/4" Left-29"
(-2 3/4)

Starting- Right- 18 1/4" Left- 18 1/4"
Week 4- Right 18 1/2" Left 18 1/2"

Starting- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14 1/4"

Week 4- Right- 14 1/4" Left- 13 3/4"
(I must have mis-measured last week -3/4)

All together at Week 4- minus 9 3/4"

Wow. Now if the numbers on the scale would just cooperate.

Starting 223.8
Week Four 221

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty One

Level 3, yes-sirree. I can't wait until I'm a few days in and not feeling like a complete idiot. I tried doing mostly Natalie moves but absolutely could not do the rockstars or the final abs move anyway other than Anita style. I have a positive outlook about this level though. I like the different moves so I'm hoping it's going to go well.

One thing I didn't like is there is so much bouncing around that everything in the room I was in was rattling. Not doing too much for the self-confidence with hubby in the next room watching tv quietly. I'm going to just have to suck it up though because both Monday and Tuesday I have after school meetings which means it's way likely the hubs will be home before me.

The pups got her daily walk again. So far so good-being consistent anyway and she's loving it!

Oh, so one good thing today. The hubs said he's starting to tell a difference. He said I'm starting to look like I'm slimming down. I certainly hope so! Tomorrow morning is/are (how should I say that?) weights and measures...don't make me cry on a Monday morning. Although, after the menu today I shouldn't get my hopes up too high.


Green tea with mixed berry
1/2 a waffle with butter and syrup


Chipotle chicken nachos from Houlihan's. I went with these for a couple of reasons. One, I love them and the hubs loves them so we usually both munch on them. Two, they were included in their happy hour special--all apps for $6.00. However, I thought about doing two healthier apps but then it became a price thing. Yes, I could have had one of the healthier apps (tuna wontons or lettuce wraps) but there is no way just one would have been enough.

But here's the thing, I'm paying for eating them. For the second night in a row my body is telling me bad choice. Why do the things that taste so good do such bad things for you? TMI but I even regurgitated this evening...not good. So what is this all telling me? Eat at home.

I'm excited about tomorrow's snack! I made a fruit salad with kiwi, red pear, apple, and mandarin oranges. I wanted to add bananas but our store was OUT. How does that happen? Is it just my store? They weren't even on sale.

Happy week ahead ladies. Keep up the great Shredding!

Lead Me Not To Temptation...

So, big huge cave. No control. No one home to keep me under control.

You know those Betty Crocker Warm Delights? Thanks to coupons, I picked up a whole stack of them for free. It wouldn't hurt to just have one...

That's what was going through my head. And I seriously almost caved. I was hungry, I wanted sweet, but I kept myself from making a huge mistake. Instead, I ate a bowl of Rice Krispies-with a Tbs of sugar on top. Yes, I know that wasn't a good choice but it was my sacrifice.

This morning guess what hubs wanted for breakfast. Yup, you guessed it, waffles. So today I thought, you know what I'm going to eat one, like normal. I'll work a bit harder this afternoon in my workout.

I only ate half. Honestly, before I was halfway in, I was getting full. And man I was glad. It wasn't that long ago that I could eat the ENTIRE waffle and sometimes still be hungry. Great change.

Through this whole journey I felt as though my stomach (which by the way, has always been slim--until these past 3 or 4 years) was not slimming down at all. And that has totally bummed me out. And then this morning, it seems as though something may have changed. I hope I'm not jinxing it but I think it might be finally losing inches-let us hope!

Tomorrow is weights and measures. I'm hoping for a loss of a couple pounds-please...don't make me beg.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty

Saturday, January 23, 2010. I have completed Level 2 of the Shred! I really procrastinated this morning but I finally got my rear in gear and got it done.

Yesterday hubs and I got to talking about how small changes can make a big difference. For instance, 1/3 cup of cheese compared to 1/4 cup. I had already decided to nix mayo from my diet as a condiment. What I mean by that is if it's in a recipe that's one thing, but on top of a burger/sandwich no more. Small changes.

Today my small change was I didn't put any meat on my breakfast burrito. Yes, it's protein but it's also fat and calories.

So far I've had:
Green tea with mixed berry. This is really our favorite right now and it smells great!

Breakfast burrito-egg, cheese (very small amount), hot sauce, avocado
10 chips for extra avocado

Low fat Greek yogurt with Corn Flakes

Water, water, water...

Oh, and yes, the little pupster got her walk already today. We've had issues with her biting and tugging on the leash but she's really getting better. Yeah--huge battle we've been having. And now, she's napping next to me on the couch. If I didn't have so much housework to do I'd snuggle up with her.

Happy Saturday. Happy Shredding.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Shred-Day Nineteen

Yes, it is 9:50 pm right now and yes I did just finish my workout. I do certainly feel as though I may yack at any moment. And have I learned a lesson? Surely.

Okay okay, so it's no longer 9:50, rather it's 10:10. You see, there was this pathetic-faced pup doe-eying me in the background. I think she can read. No really, this dog is freakishly smart. So I think she knows I said I wanted to walk her every night. But she missed the fine print of *when it's not past 8 pm. Oh well, it was a nice walk and it actually feels like it's warming up outside. And by warming up I mean into the low 30s.

So my mistake? A little establishment known as Cancun. Dang, we love their food. And we haven't been in a while. Actually, we were there December 30th with friends but it seems like it's been forever. My poison? Tacos de carne asada, sin frijoles, con arroz con queso. Muy bien! Then you pile on all the chips and salsa I ate and it makes for one pre-workout stomach ache!

You know that feeling when you've swallowed too much food and it aches going down your throat? Yep, that but in my gut. What's the deal? I did not clean my plate and in fact I only ate two tacos. And these are 6" diameter tacos...with cuts of steak...and pico...oh and some rice...and HOT sauce! I actually think of all the dishes on the menu, it has to be one of the healthier pics. Wouldn't you think? I even resisted the margarita tonight. I told hubs, had it be post workout I so would have gotten one.

So, it's Friday-hip hip! Hubs has TWO gigs tomorrow. One on the east side of the state, an outdoor thing. Did you notice earlier I said it's warming into the low 30's? And then another one at a local bar. I told him it might be fun to tag along tomorrow to the outdoor gig. I'm kind of regretting that decision. My whole day will be gone, I will have to Shred at night instead of early afternoon (like I do on weekends), and no cleaning will get done. I may redact later.

Today also happens to be my dad's birthday! Happy birthday Pops! Guess what he had for his birthday dinner? An omelet! Both him and my mom had to work late today so they're headed out on the town tomorrow--and to one of my favorite restaurants, so jealous.

My menu-

Low fat Greek yogurt with Cornflakes (Touch of Honey)
Green tea with mixed berry

Cottage cheese with peaches (blech, they were so tinny and gross)

Leftover scalloped potatoes


Tacos de carne asada!
Chips and salsa

One more day of level 2 and then on to level 3. This can be done and I can do it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Shred-Day Eighteen

Today took a little more motivation and I'm not sure why. But I did it and I've even eaten dinner by 7:30! When I got home from work I started dinner, put it in the oven, did the Shred, and then dined with my hubby.

I told hubby tonight that there were 29 people following me on my blog. And that I only personally knew 2 of them. So 27 people I don't know like to hear what I have to say. Hubby says they just want a good laugh. He thinks he's soooo funny sometimes. Regardless of what he says, I'm flattered. Thanks for tuning in, cheering me on, and giving me something other than the vast internet to write to!

Two more days until Level 3. I did hear there are more planks in Level 3. They have been okay for me so far, mainly because I do them Anita style. I tried Natalie style and almost folded in knee pain.

I also said to the hubs that the only place I'm really noticing a difference is in my arms. Hey, I'm not complaining...anything but! I would be so grateful if I could wear sleeveless clothes again. Heck, maybe even halter or strapless! But I'd really like the whole package. (o;

Today's menu:

no surprise here--Low fat Greek yogurt with granola bites and honey
Green tea with mixed berry

Cottage cheese with strawberry

Leftover chicken parm-more chicken less pasta

3 granola bites

Scalloped potatoes with prosciutto

Let me tell you the story behind all the prosciutto. I mean, have you noticed the theme lately? For dinner on Sunday the menu called for chicken and prosciutto and my SIL offered to pick it up at the grocery store since she was shopping anyway.

Would I say no? Nope!

When she arrived she had purchased an ENTIRE pound of prosciutto! That's right, almost twelve dollars of deli meat! So you better believe your britches I'm not letting that go to waste.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Shred-Day Seventeen

Oookay! Day 17 down. The Shred done, dog walked, papers graded, Idol watched.

This is actually day three of walking the pup post Shred. It's working out okay. It would work out better if I didn't have to make dinner-like tonight. More on that in a minute.

There are definitely parts of level 2 I loathe. Those squat press arm flies or whatever they're called-those are no fun. The cardio in circuit 2, I don't like either of them. I might try swapping the order to see if it gets a bit easier for me. But again, I can do level 2, so I'm not complaining too much.

My dear aunt finally arrived-on a way late train. Tonight she's definitely letting me know she's hear. Can you say ouch?! Although, it's nothing compared to when I'm inactive.

It's Wednesday night which means tomorrow is Thursday, also better known as Friday Eve.

Menu today:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola bites and honey

Cottage cheese with strawberries

Leftover chicken parm (see last night)

3 granola bites

Breakfast burrito-tortilla, proscuitto, eggs, cheese, hot sauce
A couple handfuls of Sour Cream and Cheddar Baked Lays (yum!)
1/2 serving cashews, I was starving still!

Nothing too inspired today. Maybe tomorrow (o:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Shred-Day Sixteen

It seems like at this point in both levels one and two I've had less to say. The workouts are manageable, I'm watching what I eat, drinking lots of water, ya know.

I'd like to think that there are only 14 days left of the first round of the Shred. I'm wondering what to do next month? Redo the Shred or do another video? Anyone have suggestions? I'm worried about getting bored with the Shred, round two.

Here's the menu from today-the day that felt like Monday but was actually Tuesday:

Green Tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut clusters and honey

Rectangular hamburger patty (heh heh) with cheese
Green beans
Cottage cheese with strawberries (not together, I don't play that way)

3 granola nut clusters (they're the size of quarters)

Chicken Parmesan-chicken breasts coated in panko, sauce with onions and spinach, regular and whole wheat spaghetti

And now, I'm watching Jillian kick Green Girl's butt!!! What a stubborn girl!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Shred-Day Fifteen

Halfway there! Super sweet.

So, despite this morning's disappointments I'm persevering. I did level 2 this afternoon after a day of shopping (of the grocery and deal-getting sort) and then as soon as I finished I took the pup for a walk. Why I don't do that every day, I'm not sure. I might try to make that my new resolution.

Again, things are getting more doable. I'm not doing the double jump ropes-sorry-just plain jump ropes. Today I had a harder time with balance, strange. No big deal though.

In six more days I'll be transitioning to level 3. That seems incredible. I certainly hope I start seeing more results soon.


Low fat Greek yogurt with honey and a little bit of granola--that's all that was left.

See all this blank space? That's me, not eating.
I hadn't planned on being out too long today, an hour or two tops. Turned into 6 hours! I did take an apple with me but by the time I remembered that, I had bought a spicy tuna roll from one of our grocery stores (make it fresh right then and there). I shoved half in my mouth en route to the next store.

1/2 spicy tuna roll

other 1/2 spicy tuna roll (4 hours later-post workout)

For dinner we're having hamburgers except (and hubby didn't want me to mention this--I think it's creative!) they're on hot dog buns, because that's what we have, so they're shaped like rectangles.
Green beans
Baked french fries--I'm keeping these to a minimum

I might try to throw in a grapefruit later too. Happy Monday!

The Shred-Week Two Results

I'm incredibly disappointed. What am I doing wrong? I have done the Shred EVERY day. I'm not eating candy, desserts (with the exception of yesterday's cake balls), I'm eating more greens and fruits...Dang. This stings.

Even some of my measurements are up. Argh! But I am going to compare this week's measurements with week one. Because really, that would super suck to see NO progress.

Week 1- 43"
Week 3- 42 1/4

Week 1- 41 1/2"
Week 3- 37"

Week 1- Right-30 1/2" Left-30 1/2"
Week 3- Right-29 3/4" Left-30"

Week 1- Right- 18 1/4" Left- 18 1/4"
Week 3- Right 18 1/2" Left 18 1/2"
(well that stinks)

Week 1- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14 1/4"
Week 3- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14"
(so 1/4 transferred from the left to the right?)

All together- minus 6 1/4"

Okay, so there was progress from week two to week three. One more inch gone. And I think it was from the waist.
Maybe I'm not measuring correctly? Doing the same spots? Ergh...who knows?
Oh, and to top it all off...I'm up 1.2 lbs from week 2. Or, should my optimistic self say I'm down 1.4 from week one.

**Post Edit**
In what I can only say a bizarre turn of events...I just weighed myself, at 5:20 pm. I'm now back down .2 lbs from week two...for an overall loss of 2.8. How on earth did that happen?

I have no idea why it looks like I'm shrinking...the zoom???

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Shred-Day Fourteen

Wow, I can't believe I just typed fourteen. That seems incredible. I've stuck with something two weeks. And can I just say, I should listen to myself (and others) more often. It is getting easier. Well, easier may not be the word but more doable. I'm doing all the plank moves--mostly if not all Anita style--with the exception of the final abs move.

I have learned that to be able to do those plank push ups I really need to stretch my legs out in the beginning. Also, I really have to do the toe-touch Jillian says (I know weird, listening...) to be able to keep my knees straight for the full extension.

We'll get to the menu in a second but first I have to get this off my chest. Forgive me friends for I have sinned. I made cake balls for our Writer's Celebration on Tuesday. Hubby ate a couple small pieces of cake with frosting pre cake ball and then also had 5 or 6 cake balls. You see how I did that? I talked about how many he had because it's a big number compared to what I'm about to say about me...I had 2 cake balls pre chocolate coating. They were good. Really, really, good. Then for dessert tonight I had one cake ball with the chocolate coating. Not as good.

The bad thing is I'm currently making the second round of cake balls because the first recipe wasn't enough. Let's see if I can stay strong. I may eat one. But just one. And really, it's the FIRST sweet I've had since January 4. That's pretty impressive for me.


Green tea with mixed berry
French toast--with Portuguese sweet bread, done salty (no cinnamon or syrup)

2 cake balls, no chocolate
Tortilla chips with melted cheese

Chicken Saltimbocca amazing!
Steamed fresh spinach
Mashed potatoes
1 cake ball with chocolate

Monday starts our new week. Annnd tomorrow is the weigh in/measurements. I'm worried about this one. My dear aunt still hasn't shown up although all the signs have been there for over a week--unfortunately bloating. I know that when you start working out it often puts you off schedule. I'm just hoping I still see results despite her arrival.

Getting To Know...

And I quote from Keely,

"Wow! Sunday already huh?! I'm so happy it's a long weekend..Are y'all ready to have a little fun..Are you feelin like a little Sunday Funday action!?

To play..Grab the questions..copy them onto your blog..answer them..come back here..put your link in and let the Sunday Fun begin!

*Haiti..Le Big Mann and I are wanting to do our part to help those in need..So with every person who links up to Getting to know YOU or follows this blog today we will be donating 25 cents to the Red Cross*"

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not? Au naturale. I used to dye my hair a lot when I was in high school and college. Then one day it occurred to me-I'm not going to be a full brunette forever, I better enjoy it now. So, I haven't had any color for about 10 years.

2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them? Terrible, but it depends on the person. If I know them really well I'm more likely to say something. However, my husband is the worst at this. He NEVER tells me. And always says, "I didn't notice," yeah right.

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body? Perfect body. Then I'd be more confident in everyday life. I've learned it doesn't matter how much money you have-you'll always feel you need more. So hello sexy bod!

4. Favorite magazine? Martha Stewart or Real Simple.

5. Bra style..lacey or plain? Plain )o: When your girls are as big as mine, you don't get as many nice choices.

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy? Nope, I wouldn't even walk in. I can't stand the pretentious clerks there.

7. Do you fake and bake? No. I used to but man is that bad for you. I'd rather be pasty and cancer free.

8. What's your favorite body part on a man? Hands.

Today's questions's are..

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not?
2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them?
3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?
4. Favorite magazine?
5. Bra style..lacey or plain?
6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy?
7. Do you fake and bake?
8. What's your favorite body part on a man?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Shred-Day Thirteen

It took a lot of motivation, crabiness suppression, and starvation to get me going today. There was this morning's waffle episode and I think it sucked all the strength out of me. It seemed as though every time I got motivated to get moving hubby would come back home. Now, this normally isn't an issue but I was really looking forward to cranking the music up. Oh, and there's the issue that it was actually light out and then someone could therefore SEE me working out. Um, no thanks.

But I finally did it. Still a struggle but I did all of the moves on the dvd with the exception of the final abs thing. After yesterday I noticed back pain--which probably means I'm not doing it correctly--and today as I started them I realized this was the culprit.

Now, before you think I'm a total slacker I did substitute those for the bicycle crunches, that I loathe!!! Now that's dedication.

The menu so far:

3/4 of a waffle, almost 3/4. Syrup and Smart Balance
Green tea with mixed berry
A kiwi

Breakfast burrito-one egg, 1/2 a link of spicy turkey sausage, cheese, avocado.
A generous handful of chips to scoop up the remainder of the avocado plus some hot sauce.

Not sure what to do about dinner. Any suggestions? We have tons of spinach...

A Love Affair with Waffles

Upon our engagement, we received a life-changing gift. Of course we didn't know that at the time. Back then it was simply a waffle maker. Well, that's not exactly true. We received a *real* waffle maker--you know, the one you rotate 180 degrees--beeps when it's done--comes out perfectly every time...

Since receiving that amazing gift I'm sure the hubs and I have put on 20 pounds. This thing is amazing. When company comes over, we make waffles. When we do brunch with friends, we make waffles. They're even requested from us because they're that good.

Hubby, usually the weekend late sleeper, will often roll over after just waking and mumble, "Waffle?"

So, today--me 12 days into the Shred--hubby of course asks for a waffle. Let me just sum this up for you. The waffle alone has 200 cals and 13 grams of fat. Then add butter, 11 grams of fat per Tbs (and a bazillion calories), and finally the syrup. No fat but another 200 calories. Can you see now why when he said, "Waffle," I dreaded making them?

But make them I did. He got the straight-up regular waffle. But I modified my butter and syrup concoction. I used Smart Balance 'butter' on mine and less syrup. Then, halfway into the waffle I grew bored and full. Strangely, I did eat two or three more bites, but left one entire wedge and part of another one behind.

Now, is it because the Smart Balance tastes nothing like butter and really disappointed my taste buds or is my stomach finally adjusting to different food and different amounts?

Either way, I'm glad. Let's hope it stays with me.

Now, I just need to find some healthy foods that will keep me fuller longer. Any suggestions?

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Shred-Day Twelve

You know that scene in Pretty Woman? The one where Vivian goes back to Rodeo Drive to throw her new-found wealth in the face of the elitist clerks?

"Big mistake. BIG mistake!"

That's how I feel tonight--about eating those wings! Ugh, yuck. Talk about coming back to haunt you. This is nearly enough to put me off wings for a very long while (which would make hubby very upset-but he's the one who took his sister to sushi and got sick that night and no longer eats it. I'd say we're even!)

But I did it. The Shred. It's now 9:15 and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle with my puppy-who's now throwing her tug at me to play-and my hubby on our comfortable couch.

In hindsight, good decision on my part to work out. One, because well, you know. It's just good for you. Two, because I'm so close to that 21 day make/break a habit mark. Three, I'm inching closer to 30 days of a Shred. Four, hubby got an emergency phone call from a customer about 7 minutes into my workout. Leaking tub/toilet (it's hard to hear over Jillian and my music) through the floor, into the ceiling below, and all over the customer's office electronics!

Being the good husband he left immediately to help remedy the problem. What a guy! Oh, and he's not one of those contractors who will charge overtime/nights/weekends. He does it because he knows it's the right thing to do and it builds better customer-client relationships.

Okay, back to the Shred. Again, there was stopping tonight. Not as much as last night, but still stopping. I took Jackie's advice and did not do the plank move where you jump forward and backward--I don't need any injuries. And although I know it's not the same in workout merit, I did jump rope instead. Maybe next time I'll add weights for a bit tougher substitution.

Today was a tough day. Let me just start that way. I took a personal day from my job to go present at another school. It's a newer gig I'm into. I enjoy the time to talk to others who are usually quite interested in writing and teaching writing effectively-like I am.

I left at 7 am for a destination I needed to be at by 8:30 (well, pres started at that time). This journey should have only taken me 45 minutes. But as I got further and later into my drive I got really worried. I had missed a turn! Needless to say my commute took an hour and half.

If you know me, you know I'm an early person. Not an early riser but if I need to be somewhere by 8, I'm there at 7-7:30. That's just how I work.

**Post edit. Can I just say, as I left the school and went the way the secretary had suggested. As I turned off of M-44 onto M-66 (exactly what was supposed to happen in the morning) I looked and there was NO sign stating that that road was M-44. So really, it wasn't for lack of trying. I wonder if the sign was the victim of winter driving?

So today started out terribly but took a turn for the better. The teachers I worked with were great. However, I did have the usual, "I'm a math teacher," who's angry for having to sit through my presentation. Ugh, thanks for the 3s ladies. Oh well. I did get one cute comment..."You rock, out loud! Thanks!"

Isn't that sweet?

Anyway, on to the disgusting menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt, granola, honey

Chicken enchilada (the secretary from the school I was at made everyone lunch! The enchilada was de-lish!)
Spanish rice


5 wings
Too many 'buffalo chips' for my comfort.
See there was a fiasco with our wings tonight. We got the wrong order...TWICE!!! So, I'm starvation city and there are buffalo chips in front of me. What did I do? I mowed them down! So, I swear them off for a long time.

I'm chewing a piece of gum right now to cover up the nasty taste ensuing out of my esophagus. Blech eh?

I hope everyone else's nights are going swimmingly! Stay strong gals! I leave you with one of the songs on my mix:

"Don't stop movin'. Can you feel the music? DJs got us going around and around.
Don't stop movin'. Find your own way to it. Listen to the music, taking you to places that you've never been before baby now!"

Thank you S Club 7.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Shred-Day Eleven

Shhhhh....keep it down....Jillian is out to get me....

Seriously, someone must have told her I was bad-mouthing her all over town. Who's the one that ratted me out?

Level two kicked my butt. I'll have to go back to my first day or two of the Shred and see what I said about it. But man, those planks! But especially those abs at the end. I think my stomach is too flabby to actually do them correctly.

Please tell me this gets easier. Today's experience makes me want to give up--I won't--but it makes me think about it.

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola and honey

1 hour later-starving


minutes later-starving

Pork chop
Mashed potatoes

1 hour later-starving

Still hungry

Clementine (Thank you Andrea!!!)
Stiiiill hungry

Nachos-sprinkled (lightly on my side) with ground beef and cheese. Avocado dip to go with it.

I'm currently not hungry, but man, I'm tired.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Shred-Day Ten

Wow, one third the way through!

I didn't struggle as much tonight as I did last night but man, it still seemed like such a chore. Melanie, in the forum, said something to the effect of being bored with Level 1-I think that's my problem also. However, I'm not necessarily looking forward to the pain that Level 2 is going to bring me.

I downloaded some new tunes tonight and that helped. However, the mix wasn't long enough to outlast the video. That's on my weekend to-do list.

Did I say this yesterday? Someone else was talking about it taking 21 days to make or break a habit. I'm almost half way there.

So, tomorrow, Level 2. We can do this ladies!!! You all rock for hanging in there.

Need some motivation? Can you imagine stopping now then having to do the first ten days all over again?!

I should just say, "See Mon/Tues/Wed..."

Green Tea with mixed berry
Low Fat Yogurt with granola and honey

Leftover taco meat and cheese with an avocado (salt, lemon, grapeseed oil)


This is terrible--->chips and guac! (same avocado mix) Although, I didn't eat the whole thing, hubby and I shared and we put some hot sauce on each chip.

I might have a grapefruit or kiwi though.

**Post edit-what did I choose? Grapefruit? No. Kiwi? No. Bowl of Rice Krispies? Yes.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Shred-Day Nine

I don't know what it was about today but man was day 9 hard! I tried to pump myself in the car on the way home. I only listened to upbeat music and I bopped and sang along. But nothin'. Day 9 was hard.

I turned on music again today during the workout but it was not inspiring. There were 5-7 second delays between songs and even one song took a good 15 seconds. I need to make my own mix. Maybe this weekend.

I did notice today, though, that Anita did what I did--rocked between her feet during the jump rope because our calves were on FIRE! Made me feel better.

I am trying to do more Natalie things--sinking low into squats, a couple ab things too. I am not good at push-ups, totally Anita style. Is it just me, or are the beginning warm up things, the windmills, difficult and painful? I think they hurt, really.

I'm certainly hoping for a better workout tomorrow. The last day of level one!

Today's uninspired menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola and honey

Banana--3/4 of it...the bottom was mushy!

Paprika chicken with brown rice


3 tacos-cheese, ground beef, lettuce, avocado
oh and another hard shell to eat the rest of the avocado...oops.

Kiwi-shared with hubby, who had never eaten it like me before. I cut mine in half and then scoop them out. The kiwi is its own bowl. Yum yum.

Okay, the Biggest Loser is on. I'm tuning in, sans food, to find some inspiration.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Eating out of Politeness

The lovely Steph said something to me tonight that resonated very deeply. The problem with this is I used to never have the willpower she refers to in her comment to me.

Why is it we women eat of out politeness? I'm certainly not doing myself any favors. Yes, your cheesecake/pound (um, key word there) cake/pie/brownie/strudel extravaganza looks lovely, but you see, I don't NEED to eat it. I ate a very well-rounded lunch that left me full. So thank you very much, I think I shall pass this time. And don't even get upset with me because next week you're going to be in my shoes saying someone else's sweets looks lovely but you're watching your figure.

And what makes it worse is the schpeel we have at the ready to rationalize our taking of the treat. "I know I shouldn't...but it looked good/I've had a rough day/didn't sleep...yadda yadda." And it should be "I know I shouldn't BUTT." This is how I ended up in the situation I'm in!

Maybe next time there's a treat day I shall take a plate, pile it high with goodies to return back to my room and dump it in the trash. No crap for anyone!

So you, treat maker, get your over-sweetened, dripping with butter, convection confection away from me before I go mental.

The Shred-Day Eight

I did it! Or should I say I didn't do it!

I didn't stop! That's right ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen reading my words?), I made it through the entire Level One today without stopping. My only hiccup was right after the warm ups I realized I didn't have my weights! When we had company over last night we moved my stuff and I forgot to grab them again today. So I quickly snatched them and got back to it.

Day 8. That's right. Earlier today, as I was leaving work, I was geared up to work out. Then I got home and I have no idea what happened. So I did a little internet search for some "workout music"--and honestly I was just looking for artists to plug into Pandora--and I came across this website. While it wasn't the best mix ever it surely did keep me going. There were a couple of songs I would have skipped but overall, thanks mix!

And get this, the hubs made dinner again! This is usually a rare occasion. I'm the cook and I know it. I was planning on making mashed potatoes and a veggie when I was done with my workout because I knew he was grilling the pork chops. When I finally dragged myself into the kitchen he had everything made! What a treat.

So, speaking of food, le menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola and honey

Roast beef sandwich with Havarti
An apple


Pork chop
Green beans
Mashed potatoes

Okay, since we're still talking about food let me just say it was birthday treat at school today. Birthday treat happens once a month and it celebrates all the birthdays for one month. This also takes place first thing in the morning, about ten minutes before the bell rings, you know, that really bad time when you can rationalize an oatmeal cookie as breakfast?!

Then, this afternoon I had a meeting where we all ordered out--from a pie company! Some ordered pumpkin bars and some ordered cheesecake. Not me--well, I did buy a chocolate chip cookie whose main ingredient is butter.

Again, there you go, assuming the worst. Or not...I bought the cookie for hubby (long story short, he used to work right by this pie company and was pining for a cookie).

So I didn't step foot in the lounge and I didn't eat a lovely dessert! I did hear at my afternoon meeting there were pies, cheesecakes, and other terrible things in the lounge!

So that's day 8. How was your day?

The Shred-Week One Results

Okay, one week in. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed--just a little on the weight loss. I'll have to figure out why that loss is so little.

-1/4" in right bicep
-1 1/4" in chest
-1 1/2 " in waist
-1" total in calves
-1 1/4" total in thighs
for a grand total of -5 1/4" from week one!
However, only minus 2.6 pounds. How can that be?!

On the bright side--I can totally see results. And really, that's what's more important right now. The pounds will come if I just keep working hard.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner

As I said in an earlier post, I decided to make Paprika Chicken. I came across this recipe on this blog. YUM. It turned out really well. We ended up adding hot sauce at the table and it made it even better. It reminded hubby and me of Indian.

Since hubby's sister was coming over for dinner he wanted her to try our healthier jalapeno poppers. Don't tell him but I made a little, healthful, substitution and he still loved them!