Friday, April 27, 2012

How Things Have Changed

Well, I'm now 34 weeks pregnant.  I can still hardly believe it.

We had our 34 week appointment yesterday which also included another ultrasound.  At my 32 week appointment it was thought that this little Bubs was measuring a month ahead!  After the ultrasound, turns out he's measuring only a week ahead.

He's doing well too.  Great heart beat, good movement, hair on his head, kidneys working, heart that looks perfect (thank goodness, those were a scary couple of months), etc.  We're ecstatic.

The hubs recently took to worrying about me.  How sweet.  It's sweet because up until recently I couldn't tell if there was much concern.  That might sound terrible but it's not meant to.  It was almost like the hubs was just chugging along like normal and not showing too much emotion about it--survival.  But's sweet.

I looked at my last post and the picture I posted--I remember thinking how big my belly was getting.  Psha!  That's nothing.  And I know this is still nothing.  But here are some more recent photos.

This last photo was about two or three weeks ago.  I'll have to take another one soon!