Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Then There Were Three

Talk about a cliffhanger.  Sorry about that.  I've literally looked at my blog a bazillion times and every time I thought about updating, the amount of effort I was thinking it would take totally overwhelmed me.   

The morning we left for the hospital.

So, here he is...
This is Miles David.
He's now 12 weeks old.  Holy smackeroos.  He's perfect and smiley and lovey and all ours.  I say daily, many times a day, I can't believe he's ours.  We are oh so thankful.

Here's the story.
We went in to our hospital at 8:00 am on Wednesday, June 20 to begin the induction. Pitocin was the course of action decided on and I started contracting right away. Around 10:00 am or so I had dilated enough for them to break my water. Which is when it got bad. I was contracting almost a minute long with no more than 1-2 mins in between and they were intense. 

Around 3:30 pm my friend came to visit, who was the anesthetist on duty that day. The pain was so intense and the outlook (still only 4 cm) was bleak for delivering any time soon. So I got the epidural around 4:00 pm.
Unfortunately, epidural went down my body instead of staying in my mid-section; legs and feet were completely numb but I could still feel contractions. 

Around 6:00 pm I cried uncle and was given another med for the pain. This worked for about 4 hours and then I was even at 9 cm.  But alas, birth was still far off. One of the things they tried to do was flip baby. He was facing the wrong way, sunny side up.

Got another does of pain meds around 1:00 am and began pushing. For two hours. And all I managed to do was push baby forward and then back again. The doctor came in around 4ish and finally determined that baby boy would have to break my pelvis bone in order to get out vaginally. He just wouldn't turn and would not fit. So I was prepped for a c-section and Miles David made his appearance at 5:49 am on June 21 weighing an impressive 9 lbs 11.8 oz, 22 1/2 inches long. 

I was so completely drugged up that keeping my eyes open was almost impossible.  I stayed in recovery for six hours or so until I could maneuver myself to a different bed.  Then I was wheeled to my room where we stayed until Sunday.  

So of course there were those six hours I was out of commission--super dad to the rescue!  That'll have to wait until another post though.  I'm exhausted...back to work already and it's 9:30 pm--way past my bedtime! 

This was after way too many failed attempts in the sides of my arms. Ouch.

Pitocin + broken water + side lying = AWFUL

Going into the O.R.

That's my baby!


Happy mama--still a little out of it.

Proud Papa.

Me, drugged and emotional.

One of the many faces of Miles.

Tummy time.

Cool dude.

This is what I wake up to every day.  I have no idea how we got so lucky.

Grocery shopping with mama.