Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When You're 16 Going on 17...

It really has been a while since I've posted, over a month.  Let's catch up.

I've entered the second trimester.
I've stopped spotting.
I've discovered Pinterest (hence the lack of blogging).
I had a lovely family Christmas.
I'm taking full advantage of being on winter break; vegging in front of the tv, in comfy clothes, with my pups.

I'm somewhere near 17 weeks, like 16wks 6 days.

I finally have an appetite back...which could be a bad thing.  I had another check up, this one with my wonderful NP, last Wednesday and I have now gained.....THREE pounds.  I'm loving that.  It may sound terrible on the other end but I worked my butt off (literally) before I got pregnant to lose weight and I'm still overweight, so I really don't need to gain like most ladies.

I've been taking photos weekly but haven't really organized them yet--I will though.  I have taken a couple shots with normal clothes on...lemme see if I can locate them...

Or one of them.  This is 15 weeks.
I've been in a few times to hear the heart beat, usually per regular appointment, but one extra time in the midst of spotting.

November 25- 162 beats per minute
November 28- 180 beats per minute (much later in the day appointment)
December 21- 165 beats per minute

Next appointment, January 16...the gender ultrasound!  I've been told this appointment will take up to 2 hours.  What on earth will take this long?

Anyhow, I'm feeling much better in general.  While the fatigue has passed the hubs and I are still going to bed in the 8 o'clock hour; I love it!  

I didn't exercise the entire month of November (oh, did I tell you, I got the flu a few weeks ago...way to suck away a weekend) and finally made it outside to walk today with the doggies.  I'm hoping to keep that up (either walk outside, walk at the local high school, or do a video-Walk Away the Pounds).

That's what's new with this chickadee.  I hope to update a bit more often.  Maybe I'll even get those belly shots organized.

Happy New Year. May 2012 be the best yet!