Monday, January 17, 2011


What did I do with my MLK day...or Records Day as my district announces it? I slept until 8:20 and that was nice. Once up I did my 6 Week 6 Pack and then decided it was best to do my 5k training right then. So I took to the frigid streets (24 degrees with a windchill that made it feel like 10) for training day three. One major problem of running outside, in Michigan, in winter was the snow-covered roads. Shortly after my warm up walk began I realized this wasn't going to be easy. It was literally like walking/running on sand. So today was snow-resistance training.

I found one block in our neighborhood that was fairly clear and ended up doing circles after a while. Even without the extra resistance, today was tough. I'm chalking it up to the cold temperatures...and the little icicles that formed on my lashes from the cold, which made my eyes water like mad.

Last week at school we read another book about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, had the opportunity to watch some great interviews with Rosa Parks, watch Dr. MLK, Jr's I Have A Dream Speech, and then followed it up with an art project.

A few years ago I drew a picture of Dr. MLK Jr and wrote, "I have a dream..." across it. The kids traced their hand and wrote one dream they had for the future. Most of them came up with great ideas! But of course there was one, "A million dollars," and one even more bizarre, "To play every winter sport,". Sigh.

Today I came across a quote that was Tweeted and ReTweeted on Twitter that I'm quite a fan of. If there is school tomorrow ("Ice Day, Ice Day, Ice Day") I'm going to put it up for the kids to think about: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -MLK, Jr. "

And that's all she wrote, folks.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's Saturday, a snowy Saturday. The hubs and I made our way to a local shoe store for their Sidewalk Sale--a momentous event. After trying on what seemed like 15 pairs of shoes...oh wait, it felt like 15 because it was!--I finally settled on a new pair of Sauconys at a very reasonable price. They were $45 dollars off their normal price, the price they will be again on Monday. Thanks to a Visa giftcard for Christmas I spent nothing out-of-pocket. One of the perks of this store is their 30 guarantee. You can wear them inside and out and if they don't work for you, you can take them back for an exchange.

I had my eyes on a very cute pink and paisley (on the tongue) pair of Sauconys but they did not fit me. The ankle was too high and the arch the same. I was this close to sacrificing comfort for looks. Instead, I purchased what I consider to be a very unattractive pair. Ho hum. They have a white mesh thing on top that almost made me say no. But they're comfy and very light.

Now on to the waiting. I'm waiting for all of this hard work to start showing itself. Granted, my pants a fitting less snugly but there is nothing drastic. I should probably take some time this evening to reread my own blog posts from last year at this time, I know I should be more grateful but gosh, I'm working my tail off to stay pudgy!

I've now completed 15 days of Jillian Michael's Six Week Six Pack, still going strong with my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday yoga, and have only just begun my 5k training with Podrunner-successfully completed 2 days.

But when will it start paying off? Last year I just had so much excess fat that it took forever to turn to muscle and begin to tone. I'm 20+ pounds lighter and smaller but it doesn't look like I've done a darn thing.

I know there is a big phase of frustration but I don't like it. I am, of course, going to keep going. But I just wish I had more--or less!--to show for my work. Stupid thighs and still pudgy belly, c'mon!

I'm done complaining now. I should be thankful I'm able to do all of this and I am doing it. I know it's only a matter of time before things catch up. Persistence.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


And so it begins. I met at our local high school with a coworker and did my first, full-length, run with Podrunner. And I made it-I didn't collapse, I didn't die, and I feel great. Because of my Master's schedule I will be on my own on Mondays to do the run but we'll run together on Wednesdays and Fridays. I'm excited. She's more advanced in the running department than I am but she's willing to put up with me.

Can I just say, I love being able to touch my toes. With straight legs. With my hands flat on the floor. Thank you exercise.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone Since November

What's changed? New chiropractor is out of network so buh-bye good chiropractor. Still not pregnant, no biggie. I started a new Jillian workout. This time I'm doing her Six Week Six Pack.

Today was day 11. I do want it to be clear, I began last year...December 31, to be exact. I don't like the New Year vibe. Anyway, the workout is rough but good. There are a few moves that I struggle with, two that I really struggle with being able to actually do (Spider and what she refers to as herkies, sp?) and one that really pushes me to the max-side plank knee lifts. And it's not so much that the move is difficult, my wrists start to really hurt. And then Jillian has to go and stack the wrist moves together, ouch.

I'm still going to yoga. My Thursday night Master's class has moved to Monday for a couple of months which allows me to go to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday yoga. I had a recent epiphany while stretching. Never before in my life has stretching felt so good. Before it's just been something I tolerate for 8 counts. Now, it feels soooo good.

I'm beginning another adventure this week. Well, I tried to start on Sunday evening and there was a snafu. Some friends from my favorite online community recommended Podcaster Intervals. If you're not familiar it's basically a podcast of a running system--a way to get you running. It starts at week one and alternates walking and running, set to music with a particular beat, to get you to a 5K (there are others, but I'm doing the 5K).

So I downloaded, what I thought was, week 1 and set to the frozen streets. When I looked down at the time it said 47 minutes, instead of the 29 I was expecting. Turns out I snagged the week one challenge instead of the basic week one. So I walked for five minutes to warm up, yogged for 10, and then cooled back down for two minutes.

Tomorrow I'm taking my workout gear to work and I might head to the middle or high school to try this run inside. My lungs were not too happy after I got back in the other night (and I won't get into all the neighbors who have NOT shoveled their walk in days), lots of coughing.

Anyhow, if it all works out I will 6W6P 6 days a week, yog on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and yoga Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I will be fit. I refuse to be fat.

Did I tell you, I'm no longer shopping at my fat lady store? All done. There's only one shirt remaining that I can actually wear from my fatter days...and it has a tie in the back so I can make it fitted. I'm excited to see what this new workout brings me. I can already feel myself getting stronger. The 6W6P is, obviously, a 6 week program. I'm into my second week. I can do this.

I'll try to write me. It helps keep me on track too.

Happy *snow* everyone!