Thursday, April 14, 2011

Research and Reviews

Because I am a procrastinator I had to work my little tail off this week. I had to get 15 hours of research on an Action Research project (happens to be small group work-guided reading) and then write a Literature Review on the same subject. But guess what? I turned it in today. All done. Let's hope I don't need to revise it. I really don't ever want to see it again.

I officially graduate May 21. It's reeeeeally close.

And now...I'm on vacation. It's my yoga retreat weekend. Last October we went to The Leaven Center. We were set to go back there again and there was some sort of scheduling conflict so now we're headed to a new place, one of which I don't remember the name. I'm so looking forward to it though, it's a good, good time.

I'll be blogging more. I'm sure of it. I think.


Monday, April 11, 2011

A Short Story, in Pictures

This is me...procrastinating. I have three hours of research left and a Literature Review to write...before Thursday. And here I sit, frustrated about it all. So I thought I'd let you know what that all looks like.

Be forewarned, I'm a dork.

And someone's going to give ME a Master's Degree! Watch out. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husbands!