Wednesday, June 6, 2012

39 1/2

I went in for my 39 week appointment and everything is still going well.  I'm still sporting cankles, despite the cooler weather we've had, bubby's heartbeat was 156 today, my blood pressure still good.

I did decline the cervical check because really, what will that do for me?  So they tell me I'm dilated to 2 cm...I could stay there for 2 more weeks!  No thanks.

The plan of action if baby does not arrive by Monday is to return to the doctor's office Monday afternoon.   Routine appointment, I think.  But then if still no baby we return to the doctor on Thursday for a Non Stress Test, ultrasound, and cervical exam.  Then we'll go from there.

This is all still seeming very surreal.  I know the moment I see him I will fall head over heels for him, but I think there's a lot of self-preservation going on in my brain.  I know he exists but it's not totally real yet.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Jody, I have a birth plan.  I had the hubs read it over the other night and he thought I was being too particular.  I had to explain to him if I didn't say what I wanted, I might get talked into something I really don't want.  I'm glad that I'll have it with me.

So, there you have it.  39 weeks and still going strong.

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