Thursday, April 22, 2010

From 7 to me!

Today was one of those Thursdays. For me that consists of being to school by 7:30 (had a project to organize and a few other odds and ends-school starts at 8:45), an early release day which means the kids are dismissed early but we have a meeting from 2:45-5:00, and then my master's class in which I was to be presenting my final project for this class, it began at 4:30.

So, I slipped out a little early from my school meeting (shhhh, don't tell anyone!) and hopped over to class. Shoulda known it would go awry somehow. The whole class was doing presentations and were encouraged to stick around the 20 minute mark. When I arrived at 4:40 I realized a group was in the midst of their preso. So, I stood in the hallway out of courtesy. For 35 more minutes!

Anyhow, my group's presentation went well and then I just got to sit back and listen...until 7:35. And by George, there was an impromptu meeting for my
next class that is getting underway in May. Seeeewwww ("Buttons on your underwear," as my mom always says), I finally left class at 8:00.

Now, I'm still on the good fitness regime so this means I had yet to work out. By the time I changed my clothes and got myself together it was 8:30. Then the hubs came home the moment I was to walk out the door. Of course I said hello and chatted for a few. Speaking of that...

The hubs took my hand and said, "Did you see what I did today?" This usually involves some sort of purchase I may not have originally approved (wood pellet stove, large blue dumpster in the driveway, beat up old truck, I could go on) because that's the way he rolls. Instead, he had cleaned out the huge brush pile from our backyard and filled in a gaping hole from a tree stump removal last year. Sweet. My back yard is no longer a huge embarrassment!

By now it's 8:50 but the iPod and I took to the streets. At approximately 8:55 I picked up my feet and began my yog. And that's when it happened, the amazing thing. Through a cramp on my right side and the first sign of shin splints (don't worry, I stretched them really well when I got back) I kept up my pace until 9:15.

That's right, a whole 20 minute yog for me! I mean, to me that's huge. I more than doubled my time. I'm so excited at the prospect of becoming a jogger. I love the break from the workout videos it offers me.

And with that, and the fuse I just blew cooking, I'm off to eat my dinner. Yes, it's 9:50 now but what's worse? Eating a well-rounded meal at 10 pm or starving myself?

I'm going for the food-especially since it involves asparagus from
our garden.


  1. Oh my hubby says "Seewwwww...buttons on your underwear!" I never knew anyone else said that! Too funny!!!

    Congrats on surviving your LONG day!

  2. I love that feeling when you beat your workout plateau! And I am huge jogger in the summertime - it is my favorite workout by far! I bet you can hit 30 minutes in no time!

  3. thanks for the TTC community link! I will check it out in the morning!! :)

  4. Nice jog! I remember when I realized I could actually jog for a decent amount of time (which isn't really that much). I felt like I was ready for a marathon any day (I'm definitely not). How exciting for you. You're gonna' be a full fledged runner in no time.