Monday, March 22, 2010

No Takers

Surprisingly, no one felt like taking some pounds from me. Hmph. And well, the scale read at about what I would have guessed. I knew after starting a new program I may not lose weight but instead gain that muscle tone and I surmise that's what happened today. However, I am happy to report that I did lose 1 pound. So, I'm only 6.4 away from that goal now. If I keep all of this up, maybe next Monday will bring me more of a loss.

During my shopping extravaganza this weekend I did manage to purchase some new shirts. There's nothing like new clothing (even new-to-you) that helps with your self-confidence. I'm sporting a new shirt/blouse from Banana Republic that's navy. Before my penny-pinching naysayers get their panties in a tizzy you must know what a deal I got! Not only were all the clothes I bought on sale but I also got an extra 30% off thanks to a coupon I snagged from Coupon Mommie on Friday afternoon. Awesome! So, each shirt I bought averaged around $15.
But the bum deal is the pants! Now, even right from the dryer they're too loose.

Why am I complaining? Because I'm in between sizes and nothing is fitting! I hate looking frumpy! So c'mon next size down-get here already!

I will take some pictures soon, I promise, and post them for a results showing. I'm always nervous that the pictures will look like they did the first day. Yikes! Hopefully never again!

Have a great week everyone.

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