Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictureless Posts

I've been neglecting my camera lately. I apologize. If I were to take a picture for this post it would be of my new hand weights. I finally located some 8 lb weights in a nice shade of green. And while I was about to pass out, oh I mean working out yesterday I realized--the weights I'm now lifting are what I've lost. I know those 16 pounds are from all over my body (um, or were my boobs) but lifting those weights in my hands is incredible. I can't believe how heavy they feel.

I have 17 days until spring break and 7.4 pounds to lose. I'm not so sure I can make this happen. If it doesn't, no big deal. I'm still working hard and it will come off soon enough. But in an effort to make this closer to reality I picked up another video. I was in search of Jillian Michael's new yoga dvd but after 5 stores of no luck I gave up today and picked up Bob's instead. While I was deciding on this purchase I realized it's probably a good move for me to take a break from Jillian anyway.

So I Shredded this afternoon (yes it was around 6 but it was super light out so that's afternoon!) and then did yoga. It literally felt like I was home. As hokey as that sounds yoga is me. When I was into it a long while ago--it pains me to think of how long ago it's been--it was the most fit I had ever been in my life. And it literally fit the bicycle analogy. I got on that mat and yoga-ed like I used to. And it felt good. So thanks Bob!

My plan now includes me doing two videos a day and subtracting a few more calories here and there. As lame as it sounds I've eaten Special K for dinner two nights in a row. But I LOVE cereal. Love it. So it really doesn't feel like I'm sacrificing.

Okay, it's time for bed. Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day everyone!

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