Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something's Just Not Right

Ever get that feeling? You can't put your finger on it exactly but you feel "off". Yesterday I started out really tired. Like, burning eye tired. Then in the afternoon I started feeling 'just not right'. My muscles/joints felt sore or achy but I wasn't sure if that was just from yoga so I pushed through my evening workout--despite not getting home until 7:30ish. And that's where I really noticed the sore/achy feeling. But I didn't really feel sick. Just not right.

Then all last night I kept thinking, "This must be the flu, dangit." So I slept like crud and when it came time to get up I could barely muster the energy.

The entire day was almost a bust as I spent it mostly doubled over with stomach pains (ebbing and flowing) and trying to keep my eyes open. Why didn't I just go home? Because it would have been way more work than it's worth. Teachers can't just go home. Unfortunately.

This afternoon I figured I'd have to throw in the towel. There would be no workout today. I even consulted a coworker--someone I look up to. She's kind of like my work mom. And I was expecting her to say, "Yes, you need to rest. Take it easy one day." And instead she said, "Noooo, you can't stop now!"

Um, crud.

I had an after school coffee-planning meeting with a friend that I was not going to cancel so I went and tried to be chipper and feeling good. And really, around 4 I did start to feel better, not good, but better.

So, when I got home this evening I had to face the demon. Meet Jillian for a shredding rendezvous or take a nap?

Heck, I've come this far...25 minutes isn't going to do me in. So Shred I did.

Is it bedtime now?

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  1. Be careful the crud is going around. It went around about 2 years ago and kept cycling itself. I have had it for a week and my sister has had it for almost two. Take care!