Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shake Shake Shake Senora

Yes, I love you Bob. I still love you Jillian and your level 3 Shred. But crud, it's day two of my new yoga routine and I was shaking unbelievably. This is to be expected, of course. I have to get my mind right and remember that this too shall pass.

I am really liking doing the yoga still, um on day two. Ha. I can't wait until I am able to do all the moves by really extending myself. I can't wait for the flexibility. I'm even more excited for the toned muscles-that's the one that really got me last time.

I'm wondering in my head we think I'll gain this week? I'm being very good calorie wise but since I'm awakening new muscles (or neglected muscles anyway) they could add some poundage. I don't want to gain but if it means I will be leaner in the long run and stronger then I'll take it.

Tomorrow I won't be teaching. Instead I have a full day in-service which means I'll be sitting all day. Crud. And then there will either be lunch brought in or we'll all go out. Double crud. I can make good choices and I will follow through.

On the news this morning they showed a line outside of a local bar around 6:30. Are you kidding me? Even the Irish don't get up to drink that early!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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  1. You can stay strong tomorrow. Just think of the lbs you have lost so far and how good you feel.
    Good luck!