Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Which I Talk About Numbers

E and I ran to and through on of our local parks today. On the other side of the park is a trail that leads back to town, but along the river on a small dirt trail.

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Not too shabby on the eye. This last photo is actually the other side of the trail, if you walk under the bridge, to where the hubs and I were married. Quaint.

Before we headed out this morning we hopped on the scale. I'm down 2 1/2 pounds. Not really as drastic as I thought it may have been...but there seemed to be some scale error. The first
time I got on the scale it told me I was down eight pounds (E too). Then we moved the scale to a more level part of the sidewalk, then I was down 4. We finally propped it up on her porch where I was down 2 1/2.

So I suppose if there was a lot of error, next week might be really good.

After our run then hike through the trail we headed over to the island for a moment.

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Also very quaint and beautiful. Off to the right side of the bridge all the ducks and geese were preening on the water's edge, getting ready for their day. On the other side of the bridge,

I found my number 12.

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