Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Joke

I do not claim this one as my own...however, I have changed some of the words along the way.
It's sad that even though I've heard the joke several times, have written it out, and even shared it with other, I still laugh. I'm not a good in-person joke teller.

There are three women sitting in a sauna. Two of them are in their early 20s and the other one, well, let's just say she's been a member of AARP longer than she'd like to admit.

Anyway, they're all just sitting there relaxing when there's this, "beep beep beep" sound. The one 20 year old says as she grabs hold of her forearm, "Oh, I'm so sorry, please excuse me, that's my beeper. I had that new microchip installed in my arm for my beeper, it's so convenient."

The other 20 year old smiled and agreed, "Absolutely." While the older woman just stared wide eyed and smiled.

A short while later there was a ringing. The other 20 year old held the palm of her hand up to her ear and started talking! When she was done she also explained about having the microchip embedded, but in her hand, and how much she loved it.

The younger girl with the beeper responded, "Oh, you're so lucky. I'm hoping to upgrade to that one soon!"

Meanwhile, the older lady's mind is just swirling, "How did I lose touch so quickly? I haven't even heard of these things."

Being slightly embarrassed the older woman excused herself to go to the bathroom and returned a short time later. The two 20 year olds' eyes bulged, they exchanged glances...the old woman had toilet paper stuck between her cheeks running down to the floor.

"Do we tell her?", one whispered to the other.

"Um, ma-am, I'm so sorry but you have something stuck to you."

"Oh goodness!", the older lady replied. "Looks like I'm getting a fax."

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