Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Werkin' Out

It finally came back around. I went through a phase, about a month, where I couldn't get myself excited about working out or eating well. Then last week, it hit me. Enough.

I phoned a friend, literally using a life line, and made a plan:
6:00 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-First Day to 5K workout
6:00 AM Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday-Extended walk or bike ride

We decided today that everyone needs a break so Sunday is our rest day.

But every day, I am making sure that what I'm putting in my mouth is good for my body. But how twisted is this? If I want a treat, I'll eat a treat. Except there will be no guilt about treats (which will be few and far between).
And with food, I'm no longer adding sugar or butter to things. This means no brown sugar in oatmeal, no butter on my broccoli...

So what have I been eating?
Oatmeal with cinnamon, a little milk, fresh raspberries, golden raisins, dates
Hard boiled eggs
2% milk cheese (although I feel I should mention, I only drink Vit D milk-IF suggestion)
Sliced chicken (lunch meat-I know I know...) with a stripe of mustard rolled up
Peaches-well, if they ever ripen!
In the afternoon I'll drink a smoothie-Greek yogurt, any of the above fruit, honey, a splash of milk, ice)
Lots of water
Black coffee

For dinner we've had:
Baked lemon pepper Pollock, steamed broccoli, rice, and cherries for dessert
Coconut curry vegetables and chicken with brown rice
Tonight, turkey burgers with avocado, green beens, and I haven't decided on one other thing

I'll be weighing myself tomorrow morning and I'll keep up with progress on here.

When I thought today about what I really wanted to get out of all of this, I decided that not only do I want to be healthy but I'd really like to be able to go shopping and look good in the clothes I wear-maybe even wear things I've never been able to before. Vain? Maybe. But it's my life and I know it's all a part of making me happy and confident.

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  1. We've been eating A LOT of fresh cherries lately. Everytime I go in the man cave I find a little bowl of seeds from the husband's midnight snack. :)