Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, I'm now officially a week and a day into my new routine. How's it going? Great! Better than expected actually. Although, we're weighing in tomorrow so we'll see. I typically either stay the same or even gain for the first couple of weeks but this time, I've done things differently so I have more hope.

So, what's different?
  1. No refined sugar added to anything. And really, so far I haven't eaten much that even is made with it. I've eaten one slice of whole wheat bread, taken one bite of cinnamon bread, oh-and there was that half a donut (there's a whole guilted-into-eating-it story that I should share here). But that's about it. A DRASTIC reduction from what I used to be eating.
  2. More fruits and vegetables. I'm eating fruits and veggies all the time.
  3. Raw, not processed. I've really veered us away from pre-prepared foods. This also means no preservatives.
  4. Lots of water.
  5. No eating after 7:00 pm.
  6. Think about what I'm putting in my mouth-energy giver or taker?
  7. No guilt. If I really want something, have it. This alone I think has been a game changer. It's not NO, it's sure go ahead, but will it make your body feel good?
I had a thought yesterday. What if I went all "Biggest Loser" style and worked out a couple of times a day until I went back to school? It would help me take off extra pounds a bit quicker and then I could work on maintaining. Even though I don't look like it-my body could easily lose 30 pounds and I'd still be considered overweight, I'm sure. I'm tinkering with the idea...

Happy Tuesday!

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