Thursday, July 21, 2011

That Makes...Ten?

This morning my running buddy (E) and I decided it was time to get on the scale so we can start tracking our progress (you like that optimism?) so we didn't get started until about 6:05. We had just passed my house when I heard something flying above. A goose? A duck?

You guessed it. But it wasn't just one...there were four cranes flying together. Four. All together. I've never ever seen that many.

Then I let (E) in on my little crane secret complete with excuses of, "I know this sounds funny...I'm not sure why I think's just silly."

And you know what she said? When she was pregnant, she found herself 'protected' by hawks. She'd never seen them much before she was pregnant with her first and now hasn't seen one since she gave birth to her twins.

Then she proceeded to tell me there is a crane festival that happens annually not far from here. That would definitely get me closer to 1,000.

So I'm not crazy.

But according to the math I can concretely remember, that's seven cranes. I know I've seen more but that would be a very loose estimate. Maybe I'll bump it up to ten. Ten's a good number.

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