Monday, February 22, 2010

Beef, it's Not What's for Dinner

Recently I made mini turkey meatloaves for dinner. They turned out okay...I'm not sure if it was because I was hoping for the taste of ground beef or if it was all the other ingredients but they left a little to be desired next time. However, and really I should have made this its own post, the hubs wanted the whole world to know that on first bite, he knew it wasn't meat. He literally told me to tell the ladies at work that he knew. As if enjoying turkey substituted meals is any less manly?

These things make me chuckle about my husband.

On the other hand, he surprises me when he agrees with things like going more organic, or only eating 11 oz. of red meat a week. I have to stop and think, is this my husband? But those concessions make me love him even more.

But then there is that every once in a while where I think, wait, what? You're picking a battle about this? Which brings me to tonight's dinner.

I had planned on making turkey and quinoa burgers. The recipe is courtesy of Shannon, whom I do not know, but love the foods she posts and what she stands for. Her recipe is called Quinoa Turkey Burgers. I've linked to her before when I made her Paprika Chicken.
Anyway, I was really stoked about this recipe. It sounds delicious and lower fat and calorie (no bun to boot). So when the hubs asked what I was making for dinner and I responded confidently with, "Turkey quinoa burgers," I expected a "yum", or "oh okay", but instead got, "Ttk." Moan. Groan.

Really hun? Really?

So now, I'm *still* going to make them. And gol' darn, I hope they're awesome. Wish me luck, I just might need it tonight in the kitchen.

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