Monday, February 1, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Nine

I just realized, tomorrow is day 30! Not to overshadow day 29, the weights and measurements day. I may re-weigh myself on Wednesday morning to see if it made any difference. BUT, I do have good news in a few.

I am kicking my own butt with those scissor crunches. I rock them out Natalie style but I have to take one break which bothers me. I'm trying really hard to keep going, but I think that's what you have to do-do the hard stuff and suffer suffer suffer until you can conquer that.

So, remember not too long ago (um October or November-ish) and I had popped a rib out of place? Yeah, so it's back. It's not completely out of
place yet but it's getting there. I tried to make an appointment with the chiropractor but couldn't get in today. I do have one tomorrow after a meeting in the afternoon. Let's just hope it stays put. I've been trying lots of things to nudge it back but it's not cooperating just yet.

Today's menu-

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with honey and rice chex

Leftover Fiesta Lime Chicken (it was good today too
...and I followed it up with lots of water)
Mixed fruit


Pulled pork sandwich on a whole wheat bun (I only at 3/4)
Mashed potatoes

Green beans


Okay, so on to today's numbers!


Starting- 43"
Week 5- 40 3/4
(-2 1/4, same as last week)


Starting- 41 1/2"

Week 5- 37"

(-4 1/2, same as last week)

Thighs- Starting- Right-30 1/2" Left-30 1/2"

Week 5- Right-28 3/4" Left-29 1/4"


Calves- Starting- Right- 18 1/4" Left- 18 1/4"

Week 5- Right 17 1/2" Left 17 3/4"

(-1 1/4")

Biceps- Starting- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14 1/4"

Week 5- Right- 14" Left- 13 3/4"

( -1")

For a grand total of.........................(that's my drumroll)........... Minus 12 inches!!! And even better, minus 5.2 pounds! Finally, those numbers are starting to come down.

Even more, I'm looking forward to what the next 31 days bring me.


  1. You are looking good!! I can't believe how much you have lost. Mine numbers are not nearly as good. I am going to post them tomorrow.

  2. I can tell a difference! Great job!

  3. Girl you totally ROCK!!!! Your awesome! You DID IT!!! WOOOO WHOOO.. WOW.. Go you..

  4. Wow, your really an inspiration for me to do this. Your looking GREAT!!!!

  5. Great job! Can't wait to see what another month will do!

  6. You look great! I can see a difference just from pictures for sure. I am wondering what you are thinking though. Are you amazed by what it did for you? Can you tell a difference in the way your clothes fit? I want to try to do the shred again. This time around would be my third time trying. The first time I only did it for three days. This month I tried but lasted just 11 days. Cant wait to hear what you think! Great job!

  7. Hey that's amazing - congratulations! All that in just 30 days? Jillian really is amazing.

    Thanks for posting your menus. I might copy some of them. I'm glad you're using both exercise and diet to get in shape, that is really the only way.

  8. Wow! Great job! I just finished my first day of the Shred and it was rough. I'll be thinking about you and it will be my inspiration to do it every day for the whole month.

  9. You Look Amazing! Way to Go!!! What an inspiration to show that The Shred really does work!!

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! you look great. I started the 30 day shred on Jan.31st. so that makes it 10 days straight. I am so proud of myself. This is my second try at it, but this time I feel more empowered. I added a 2 mile walk to my regimen,because I don't see any results as of yet.

  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! you look great. Wonderfull results. Well I started the shred on Jan31st. I have been at it 10 days straight now. This is my second try, but I feel more empowered now. I added a 2 mile walk to my regimen since I don't see any type of results as of yet. I'm sure it takes time so I have to me patient.

  12. I am so inspired! And proud! And impressed. Great job!!!