Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 14

Again, not the Shred yet the Last Chance Workout and, yes I said and, Leslie Sansone's Fast Walk. I literally felt guilty for how lazy I was this weekend (and how I had eaten) so I talked myself into doing more.

The LCW tonight was good. It was the actual last chance workout, unlike last night's that was upper body sculpt and lower body tone. I used five and three pound weights on some things tonight. I really need to invest in eight pound weights. And then, I got a bug in my bonnet (is that the phrase?) and decided to pick up the five pound weights for the ENTIRE Fast Walk program. Yes, for an entire half hour I carried, pumped, lifted, raised...ten extra pounds. Had I realized in the beginning it was going to be thirty minutes long (I seriously thought it was 20 mins total) I may have only picked up the three pounds-or no weights.

Tomorrow morning I'm hopping on the scale again. Although, hopping might break the darn thing, I'll step on it slowly. Wish me luck. I've been working hard I just hope I've been working hard enough.

Today's meals-
Green tea with ginger and peach (blech)
1 big pancake with Smart Balance and a little syrup. I tried dunking the pancake instead of pouring syrup on and I did not like the taste of that. Strange eh?

Raisin Bran

Cheddar Chex Mix

Strawberry Whipped Yogurt

3 hard shell tacos-ground beef, a little cheese, and avocado

I had all of our meals planned for this week, but in no particular order:
Barbecue chicken salad
Chicken and wild rice soup
Bison burgers
Turkey and quinoa burgers
Chicken fajitas

So I went grocery shopping tonight and guess what? They had NO boneless skinless chicken breasts. NONE. Oh, and they only order the Bison every once in a while so last week when they had it but I couldn't afford it was the week.

How many meals can I make then? Oh, tacos and turkey and quinoa burgers. All that planning...

Anyway, have a great week! Our weather service is calling for lots of snowfall again. I am not holding my breath for a snow day as it's 10 pm and it hasn't started yet.


  1. Good for you for working so hard! Keep it up and it will pay off. You'll get there before you know it.

  2. I can't wait to read what the scale says! You are doing awesome. The scale has not been that good to me lately.