Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 10

Had hubby not come home so quickly I was going to bust out the LCW. Since he showed up (it's all dinner pending) I put in the Shred. I never thought I'd see the day when I thought the Shred was 'easy'. I say that very lightly, especially since it was Level 1, but what I really mean is I can do the entire thing and I'm looking for ways to make it tougher. I need to get myself some 8 lb weights. I'm still adding the pelvic thrust at the end (with a glut squeeze!). Next, heavier weights. And I'm now all Natalie-with the exception of the lunges. No way. After I started taking it easier on myself with the lunges my knees felt infinitely better.

But on to the most important thing today, dinner. YUM. It was a salad, but not just any salad.
Baby greens, romaine, spinach with grilled chicken with barbecue sauce, toasted cashews, sliced hard boiled egg, topped with ranch dressing. that really healthy? YES! The chicken was light on sauce, I used less than one serving of cashews on each salad. Only one hard boiled egg. Then there's the dressing-how can that be good for you?

So, have you seen those yogurt dressings? It got me to thinking...yogurt, like my Greek yogurt...100 calories and no fat....hrm....What if I mixed one of those ranch packets into the yogurt? Holy shamoley, it was great. I told hubs I could eat the entire thing of dressing and not feel guilty. But I wouldn't do that, because that's disgusting.

I'm no longer a dressing ON the salad kind of gal. Instead, it's on the side and I use it to dip in. I'm using waaaay less. So, anyway, try the dressing, even the hubs liked it!

What else did I eat?

Green tea with mixed berry
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and granola (next week--err this weekend--I might try to find a lower cal replacement for this granola)

Leftover skirt steak sandwich (3 strips of steak) packed with spinach and topped with mustard.
Green grapes and mandarin oranges


Tomorrow I've packed the salad for lunch!

Happy Shredding!

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