Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 13

Except, I didn't Shred today.

I did the Last Chance Workout instead. And it was good. I'm completely weaned from my knees in planks (sounds weird huh?). My core is strengthening and it feels good. Where I do still use my knees is in push-ups. Will I ever be able to do big girl push-ups?

The hubs and I went to Grand Rapids today. Every stinkin' time we go I get nostalgic about it. It's where I went to college, where I lived for 5 years, and it's where the hubs and I met. Besides all of that, it's a much more charming place than where I live now. I miss it terribly. When we first moved where we are now I cried for weeks. Hubs and I had just met-were only dating (but it didn't matter because we just knew) but he got a job over on this side of the state. And that was that. I think I've just gotten over it all and now just get on with life because I'm sure we'll never move back. However, it's not that far away so I can get my fix when I want.

And that's one thing we did today, got our fix for lunch. I'll blog about that after dinner tonight.

Speaking of dinner, what did I eat today?

Green tea with mixed berry

Tex Mex taco
1/2 a Green All-Meat (more explanation to come later)

Bowl of Corn Flakes with Honey
Dark Chocolate Chex
I was starving this afternoon--I totally caved. Although, it could have been worse.

One piece of sesame chicken rolled in rice
One bite of a crab rangoon
This was hubs' dinner and I just wanted a taste

I'm having homemade french bread pizza
French baguette, marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella

Til later!

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